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Amazon Kindle Fire: what are we missing?

Here in the UK, we’ve all heard of the Kindle Fire – Amazon’s low-end offering to the tablet market that has got everyone in the US very excited.

But so far, we are yet to see what this ereader-cum-tablet has to offer because Amazon has still not unleashed it on the UK market.

We all love a bargain here in the UK, so it is quite perplexing that Amazon feels the need to hold this cheap, low-end device back from us.

And now we’re hearing talk of a nine-inch version of the Kindle Fire making an appearance before the end of the year. Has Amazon forgotten about us or something?

But before we get ahead of ourselves, what exactly are we missing by not having the Kindle Fire over here? It seems there is a lot of confusion over exactly what the Kindle Fire has to offer, so we’d though we’d clear a few things up.

Is the Amazon Kindle Fire a tablet?

Yes it is a tablet; it just has the price tag of an expensive ereader – $200 in the US. Although we love a bargain, we often greet things that seem too good to be true with an air of suspicion.

But suspicion is not necessary with the Kindle Fire – it genuinely delivers (on most fronts at least) the functions of a Galaxy Tab or PlayBook, but for half the price.

Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, with a seven inch colour display, the Kindle Fire has been called a game-changing tablet by some.

Is the Amazon Kindle Fire an ereader?

Yes, it is an ereader, and you’ll find all of the Amazon content on the Fire that you’d expect from any other Kindle.

Amazon have been careful not to move too far away from the Kindle design that people know and love, and buy in their millions. So the Kindle Fire is an understated device, but it really comes to life when the vibrant colour screen is activated.

So without a confirmed release date, we’re just going to have to keep on hoping and dreaming. But one thing’s for sure, people will be snapping up the Fire the moment it hits our shores.

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