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Amazon Kindle Fire vs BlackBerry Playbook 2

They may seem like they’re at opposite ends of the tablet scale, but the BlackBerry Playbook 2 and the Amazon Kindle Fire will be going head-to-head when they’re released later this year.

We’ve had little in the way of detail from BlackBerry manufacturers RIM on its next tablet offering, but we could be getting a first look at the next Playbook at Mobile World Congress.

As for the Kindle Fire, we’ve been here twiddling our thumbs while our friends across the pond make the most of the excellent low-end tablet.

We still have no UK release date for the Kindle Fire, and RIM is keeping its cards very close to its chest over the Playbook 2. But how will the two tablets fare when they are finally released?

BlackBerry Playbook 2

The last Playbook started life at £400, so we’ll probably see a similar price in the next generation. It’s not a patch on the expected £200 price tag of the Fire, but it could still undercut the likes of Apple.

But is it worth it? With rumours of a dual-core processor packing 1.5GHz, as well as NFC support, the Playbook 2 will certainly be decent. But this year tablets are upping their game, and this may not be enough to threaten the big boys.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2

The Kindle Fire is really quite reminiscent of the current Playbook. It feels similar, looks similar, and actually has some of the same hardware.

With a 1GHz dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP processor (the same one to be found in the Playbook), and 1024×600 IPS LCD screen (also found on the Playbook), you start to wonder how Amazon kept costs down.

This becomes obvious when you look at what the Fire doesn’t have – a camera, a decent amount of memory, 3G, to name a few. But for a low-end, low-price piece of kit, it really does the job.

The Playbook 2 is likely to win hands-down on the specs, but considering the price difference there should really be no competition.

And given that bargain hunters will go for the Fire, and tech-lovers will go for the Galaxy Tab or iPad 3, the Playbook could get left out in the cold.