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Amazon Kindle Fire takes some Christmas sales from the Apple iPad 2

With Christmas over for another year, electronic companies have been taking stock of their performance in what is the biggest time of year for consumer sales.

And all the big players, Apple and Samsung et al, are expected to have performed well in the Christmas market.

Analysts are estimating that the final quarter of last year was Apple’s best period to date for sales of its various iPhone incarnations.

But in a surprise twist, the computer giant has had some precious tablet sales taken off it by Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Strong performance by Kindle Fire

That’s the report from stockbrokers Morgan Keegan, which has estimated that the Amazon Kindle Fire sold between four and five million over the Christmas period – its best performance ever.

Amazon also saw strong sales of its Kindle e-reader and e-books, rounding off a great year for the online store.

“We are grateful to our customers worldwide for making this the best holiday ever for Kindle,” said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO, in a statement.

The strong sales of the Kindle Fire mean that Amazon has eaten in to some of Apple’s iPad sales, and is starting to close the gap between the two companies.

iPad 2 price tag too much for some

After seeing sales data from Amazon, Morgan Keegan lowered its estimate of iPad Christmas sales. The stockbrokers said that the Kindle Fire is likely to have taken between one and two million tablet sales off Apple over the holidays.

This has largely been put down to the Kindle Fire’s price tag. At $199, it is an attractive alternative to the iPad 2, which is the wrong side of $400.

We are still yet to see the Kindle Fire here in the UK, and no release has been given by Amazon. But we are likely to see it in the early stages of this year, as Amazon look to capitalise on its Christmas success. And we all love a bargain here in the UK!

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