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Amazon Kindle Fire countdown: top Amazon Appstore apps

After years of having to part with a decent chunk of our monthly salary to get our hands on a tablet, we are finally getting a device with a slightly less eye-watering price tag.

This is because the Amazon Kindle Fire is making its way to the UK. We haven’t had a confirmed release date just yet, but we can expect it in the first half of this year.

After all, everyone knows that we love a bargain here in Britain. The Amazon Kindle Fire costs around $200 in the US, and we should get a price tag of about £200 over here.

And an affordable price tag can’t come soon enough. The likes of the iPad and the Galaxy Tab are certainly good tablets, but a low-end alternative is long overdue.

So with that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at the best apps currently available on Amazon’s Appstore. The Appstore is still only available in the US, but we should see a launch to tie in with Kindle Fire.


Everyone’s favourite website for moaning about a bad hotel, instead of forgetting about it and moving on with life, TripAdvisor has come to the Amazon Appstore.

Search for hotels in your area or abroad, as well as a variety of entertainment options, or use the TripAdvisor app to find air fares to your chosen destination.

GQ Magazine

Amazon is all about reading, and the Kindle Fire is no different. Apps like GQ Magazine offer everything its readers love and more.

With the usual features, tips and style advice, there are also video interviews, slideshows, and interactive software to keep you entertained.


Keeping with the literary theme, the Scrabble is a great way to kill a couple of hours. This app is available on other tablets, but it feels most appropriate on a Kindle.

With a dictionary and teacher feature, this app will let you track your stats and play up to 50 games at any one time!