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Amazon Kindle Fire: 5 things Amazon should have included

The Kindle Fire is slowly winging its way over to the UK. We still don’t actually have a release date for this low-end game changer, but we’ll certainly see it before the year is out.

Rumoured to go on sale in the UK for around £200, this tablet is set to be a real alternative to the likes of the iPad and Galaxy Tab.

For Amazon to produce such an impressive tablet with such an attractive price tag is really a wonder, but it has had to cut corners here and there.

So what omissions have Amazon made to bring the price down, and are they justified? Here is our pick of the things we should have seen in the Kindle Fire.

Amazon Kindle Fire camera

OK, so a camera would have bumped the price up a little, but we’re sure the super-scrimpers at Amazon could have come up with a solution.

Even a low-res front-facing camera would have done, just to enjoy the odd video call or two.

Amazon Kindle Fire body

To look at, the Kindle Fire is a cool, sleek device. To hold and use, it’s a bit of a different story. Weighing in at 404g and 11.5mm thick, the Fire feels a little cumbersome.

And given that it’s a seven inch tablet designed for reading eBooks on, we would like to have seen a little more compactness.

Amazon Kindle Fire 3G

One of the most glaring omissions, surely Amazon could have whacked 3G connectivity in there?

Yes, we would have to pay more to use it, but we’ve come to expect internet everywhere as standard these days.

Amazon Kindle Fire memory

Amazon has put just 8GB of internal memory into the Kindle Fire, and hasn’t found room for a micro-SD card slot either.

We know more memory takes up more space (and more money), but 8GB is simply annoying.

Amazon Kindle Fire apps

The Fire’s OS, based on a version of Android, is one of the best parts of the tablet.

It feels sleek, smooth and unique. But some native Google-built apps would really set it off perfectly.

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