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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 – when will we see it?

Amazon is reportedly readying the follow-up to its budget tablet, the Kindle Fire, for a release in time for Christmas this year.

After the success of the first Kindle Fire across the pond in the run-up to Christmas, the online retail giant is keen to do the same this time around.

Details over what the second generation Fire will include have been fairly thin on the ground so far, but reports stating that the device is due out in time for Christmas are sure to fuel the rumour mill.

Reports by news agency Reuters have said that the follow-up Fire will be an 8.9 inch device, with the possibility of a 7 inch model as well.

No Amazon Kindle Fire in the UK?

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Kindle Fire 2 rumours is that the device’s release may mean the original Fire bypasses the UK altogether.

While the original Fire was only launched in the US last year, rumours abound that the Fire 2 will get released over here at the same time as the US.

With the release date set for pre-Christmas (historically a very successful product launch period for Amazon), there would be little point releasing the original before then.

So while many of us may have bemoaned the Fire’s US-only release, it seems we’re the ones who could come out on top – getting a better tablet for a similarly low price.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 spec rumours

Like the original Fire, the Fire 2 will have an Android-based OS, with that same unique user interface. We could also see some of the key features missing from the Fire make an appearance on the Fire 2.

While Amazon will want to keep costs down, it might find room for things like a camera, microphone or 3G connectivity.

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