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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 vs Apple iPad Mini

In the newly-established battle of low cost tablets, the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 and Apple’s iPad Mini are set to go head to head.

Though both models have yet to be released, the original Kindle Fire has already made waves in the US since its release last year. But rumours abound that Apple is preparing its own low-cost offering. So how will the two devices compare when they’re released?

Amazon Kindle Fire 2

The latest gossip surrounding the Fire follow-up is that we’ll see two versions of the Fire 2, with one boasting a 10-inch screen.

The tablet is also set to be powered by a quad-core processor and be similar in appearance to the first generation of iPads, with the exclusion of front buttons.

The two new tablets are also expected to include microUSB ports, and possibly even HDMI-out jacks, built-in speakers. The 10-inch version is also said to be boasting a front-facing camera.

According to reports, the 7-inch Kindle Fire 2 is likely to have a higher resolution of 1,280×800 and will be priced similarly to the current Fire.

Apple iPad Mini

Reports have suggested that the screen size for the iPad Mini will be between seven and eight inches, falling well below the current 9.7 inch iPad models.

The tablet is expected to be released in time for the Christmas rush, but could be launched as early as October and Shaw Wu. It wouldn’t be much of a low-end tablet battle without a competitive price, so expect the iPad Mini to be priced at around £160.

A brand like Apple can always expect to sell well, and with the iPad Mini offering access to the hugely popular App Store, users may not see the point in the Fire 2.

Steve Jobs notoriously dismissed the idea of smaller tablets, saying they don’t allow for great apps. But with cash-strapped consumers always looking for a bargain, it looks like low-end tablets are here to stay.

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