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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 – Latest rumour round-up

Tablets have long been thought of as a high-end tech product, giving us great usability, portability and connectivity for a high price.

But tablets are still a relatively new tech phenomenon, so were always going to be expensive to start with. That is now starting to change, and the battle for tablet supremacy is starting to go low-end.

The company to kick-start this shift into the realm of the affordable was Amazon, which released the excellent Kindle Fire tablet into the US market at the end of last year.

The $200 price tag, combined with a quality that far exceeds the asking price, has sent sales soaring and got other manufacturers’ attention.

Rumours abound of an iPad Mini from Apple (although these rumours have been circulating since long before the Fire came out), and Google is expected to announce its low-price Nexus tablet very soon.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Rumours

Amazon is in danger of being cut out of the low-end by these more established and popular manufacturers, but it’s not beaten yet. The Kindle Fire 2 is on the horizon, so what are the latest rumours surrounding the Fire follow-up?

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 specs

To get the Fire out at such a low cost, Amazon was forced to cut corners where it could. The result was a device lacking some features we take for granted.

So this time around, Amazon is planning on giving us a little extra. According to reports we can expect more storage space, a higher display resolution and even a camera.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date

Previous reports had suggested that we’d see the Fire 2 in the third quarter of this year, to give the original its full time in the spotlight.

But rumours abound that Amazon is bringing the launch forward, and is preparing the device for an unveiling at the end of July.

This has been put down to the fact that Amazon is keen to not let Google pull the rug from underneath it with the Nexus tablet.

With the Nexus expected to retail for the same price, but with specs that wouldn’t look out of place on a $450 device, it could be a real threat to the Amazon’s low-end dominance.

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