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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 – How will Amazon improve the original?

We haven’t even had the first Kindle Fire over here, and yet Amazon is reported to be preparing the follow-up already.

With a working title of Kindle Fire 2 (the name is expected to be something different when it’s actually launched), this device shows Amazon is not one to rest on its laurels.

And the Kindle Fire 2 could be here sooner than you think, as reports are suggesting we could see a launch early this summer.

We all know how great the Kindle Fire is, despite not actually being able to buy one over here. But there have been more than a couple of complaints about some of the omitted features.

The Kindle Fire 2 is said to be the device that Amazon originally wanted to make, but couldn’t get it out in time for Christmas. So how will it improve on the original Kindle Fire?

Bigger display in Amazon Kindle Fire 2

Rumours abound that we’ll see a larger display size in than the seven inch screen in the original Fire. We’re not sure exactly how much bigger; some reports say 8.9 inches, while others peg it at 9.7 inches.

Either way, it looks as though Amazon is planning to move the Fire from an ereader-come-tablet to a tablet-come-tablet.

3G connectivity for Amazon Kindle Fire 2

One of the biggest criticisms of the Fire is the lack of 3G capabilities, so it is fairly likely that Amazon will address this issue in the next version.

And given that it’ll probably get a US release first, we could even see LTE included. Not that that’ll be much use to us.

Other Amazon Kindle Fire 2 features

Things like a camera, microphone and decent speakers are missed in the Kindle Fire, so there’s a chance we’ll see these in the next version.

Having said that, these features aren’t sorely missed, and Amazon will want to keep the price as low as it can – so don’t expect too much!

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