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All You Need to Know About The Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine

Samsung’s new Ecobubble range of washing machines is now available to buy online or in retail stores nationwide. They are impressive washing machines that come with extremely environmentally friendly credentials with their Super Eco Wash programme delivering impressive wash results at just 15°C, using 70% less energy than a normal 40°C wash cycle.

“Energy efficient products are becoming more important to people who want to save energy without compromising on wash performance,” so says Andrew Jones, Marketing Manager for Samsung Home Appliances, Samsung UK.

And thanks to the introduction of a double ceramic coated heater, which protects itself from the build-up of lime scale deposits, triples its lifetime and heats quickly further reducing energy consumption.

So How Exactly Does Ecobubble Technology Work?

Samsung’s Ecobubble technology works by mixing air with the water and detergent to form bubbles. This results in the detergent being thoroughly dissolved so that the bubbles can penetrate the clothes rapidly, getting detergent right into the fibres, up to 40 times faster than a high concentration liquid. Because it acts so fast, the high washing temperatures typically associated with standard washing machine washes are no longer needed.

Also, thanks to the Fuzzy Logic control, the washing machine is able to automatically optimise the quantity of water used and cycle duration according to the load in the drum.

Cares For Your Clothes

If you are worried about the damage some washing machines can cause to your clothes, Ecobubble Technology also delivers advanced fabric care, promising to offer gentle washing that will protect the most delicate of items. As less mechanical action is required there is less wear and tear on clothes. The introduction of the innovative Diamond Drum, with smaller holes, prevents snagging of fabrics, while the diamond shapes cushion clothes so they last longer.

And it’s Quiet

All of the Ecobubble washing machines are incredibly quiet, operating at just 62dB, as they have a unique Quiet Drive Motor which works without belts or pulleys reducing vibrations and noise. This also makes it more durable and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

In addition to this motor the Samsung Ecobubble VTR models (WF1124XAC and WF0804X8E) have Vibration Reduction Technology. This technology promises to reduce the noise level and minimise vibrations so the washing machine can be put on at night without disturbing your sleep which means even at high speeds it operates at just 52 decibels.  These two models also come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty for even more peace of mind.