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Adele at the Brits, David Haye… the week’s most controversial YouTube videos

It’s been a bit of an eventful week this week, with some controversial incidents cropping up both at home and abroad.

Whether it was boxers brawling outside of the ring, or an award-winner getting cut off mid-way through an acceptance speech, we’ve not be left short of conversation topics down the pub.

And luckily for us, the controversies were filmed for all to see and uploaded to that most popular of websites – YouTube. All hail the video-sharing website! So what are the most controversial videos of the week?

Adele at the Brits


The Brit awards were a roaring success this year, with the highest ratings for more than five years. The show went off without a hitch, until the end that is.

As Queen of the Brits, Adele was just starting to make her acceptance speech after winning Album of the Year. But no sooner had she started than host James Cordon was cutting her off to make room for a (slightly disappointing) set from Blur.

David Haye vs Dereck Chisora


The Chisora vs Klitschko fight will always be remembered for the post-fight press conference. After Dereck Chisora bad-mouthed fellow British heavyweight David Haye, the former champion piped up from the back of the room.

After some heated exchanges of words, Chisora was on his feet and the two boxers were embroiled in a bloody punch-up.

Luis Suarez vs Patrice Evra


OK, so this happened a week or two ago, but it was very controversial! Ahead of Manchester United’s match with Liverpool, Luis Suarez was seen to refuse a handshake with Patrice Evra.

Given that Suarez was fresh off a ban for racism aimed at Evra, the handshake snub rightly angered Manchester United.