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ADE Germany’s Joy – The First Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Docking/Charging Station

So just when you thought you had every gadget you could think of for your home, ADE Germany throw a new product at us! A multi-tasking digital kitchen scale with a licensed iPod docking/charging station that is compatible with all current iPods!

I love anything that is multi-purpose for my kitchen, so I can save as much space on my worktop as possible (I’m a bit of a neat freak). But don’t despair, just because this product does two things doesn’t mean it doesn’t do them well. The scale functionality offers results in pounds, fluid ounces, or grams and weighs dry and liquid ingredients in increments of .04 ounces / 1 gram. The add-and-weigh (tare) features allows for weighing all ingredients in the same container. Battery and overload indicators keep users alerted to how the system is functioning and an automatic shut off helps preserve battery life.

The speakers offer pleasing sound quality that’s not tinny although it appears that it doesn’t give deep bass levels that you would normally find on a high end sound system.

The weighing surface is made of safety glass for easy cleaning and weighing and is of ample size. It is compatible with all current iPods (not included) and the scale has a speaker located in the base. It comes complete with a protective cover for the iPod station and the scale is powered by one CR 2043 lithium battery, one of which comes included.

So no more dull cooking time in the kitchen, it can now be a musical affair!

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