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Adding clip transitions in iMovie

Sometimes the shift from one film clip to another can be a bit abrupt.

Transitions let you blend the end of one piece of film smoothly into the beginning of another. This little guide shows you how to use them in iMovie.

To make a transition:

  1. Click the “Transitions” button to open the Transitions browser. Hold your cursor over each transition to see what it will look like.
  2. Choose the one you’d like to have and drag it between two clips in your project. Make sure the vertical green line appears before you release the mouse button.
  3. Click “Play Project from beginning” to see how the transition works in your movie.
    Now click the square transition icon you can see before the first clip. Then choose Edit > Set Duration. When the “Duration” dialogue box pops up, you can decide how long you want the transition to last. You can also decide to make all your transitions last the same amount of time.