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Addicted to Kinect!


Rating: ★★★★★

Like many people I was sceptical about Microsoft’s claims about the Kinect, but having now purchased one I am extremely impressed.

The initial set up was easy to do with no problems at all. The way it recognises you once you’ve set up your profile is uncanny and it actually does track your movements with no perceivable delay. The games that have so far been launched are ok – not really that spectacular once you’re over the initial awe of having no controller.

The best ones so far in my opinion are Kinect Sports and Sonic Freeriders. It’s great for getting some exercise in a fun way – it really does get your heart pumping!

The only real disadvantage is the play space needed. I live in an average semi-detatched, and don’t really have space for 2 players without risking injury! So not really practical if the X-box is in a child’s bedroom.

Other than that, it’s a fantastic, innovative product.


  • easy to set up
  • gets you off the sofa whilst still gaming


  • lots of space needed
  • not a great range of games out yet


Highly recommended for gamers of all ages.