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Addicted to Android: We Are a Nation of Smartphone Lovers

Do you often find yourself at the dining table with a little android powered friend nearby? Perhaps in the bathroom, comforted by the warm HD screen glow of a mobile device? Have you replaced your cuddly night time teddy bear with a handset? You may have an addiction to smartphones!

New research has found (perhaps not surprisingly) that 37% of adults and 60% of teens are ‘highly addicted’ to smartphones.

Over a quarter of UK adults and nearly half of all teens are now the proud owners of a smartphone, according to Ofcom’s latest report.

The devices we now officially can’t live without include the likes of iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones as these are the most sought after phones in the last year.

Ofcom revealed that smartphone users make significantly more calls and send more text messages than regular mobile phone users.

It’s no wonder then, that one in three 11 year olds cannot read to national standards as many have admitted to ditching books in favour of smartphones to keep them entertained.

Even 23% of teens said they watch less TV as an army of Android and Apple devices take over this once untouchable form of entertainment.

It’s not just kids who are devoting their time to mobile phones either. Over half of adults say they use their smartphone when socialising with others.

It seems that we can’t even eat without being distracted by our phones as 23% of adults and 34% of teens admit to using them during meal times.

If that doesn’t scream addiction, how about the fact that 22% of adults can’t go to the toilet without taking the smartphone with them.

The problem worsens with teenagers, where almost 50% of them can be found in the bathroom with a smartphone.

Despite the hundreds and thousands of apps available, just under half of adult smartphone users have actually downloaded an app!

Teenage smartphone owners are more likely to have paid for an app download (38%) than adult owners, amongst whom just a quarter (25%) had paid for an app.