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Add some colour to your Kitchen

Back in the day!

We used to understand the word “long-term” to mean just that!

That those brightly coloured appliances would be in our homes for a very, very long time, sometimes to the dismay of those who weren’t so thrilled with coloured appliances.

I’m not sure whether or not today’s appliances will live up to the lifespans of those decades-old models, but given the high price tag of home appliances these days, even with a shorter life cycle, we still consider these appliance purchases to be long term investments.

So, what colour appliance appeals to you?

Dare to be RED?

If you are looking for something to really stand out in your kitchen, the red is just what you need!

Be careful to make sure that your small red kitchen appliances work well with the cabinets, worktop and other larger kitchen appliances.

Red appliances often feature chrome trims with black detailing (inspired by the glamour of 1950′s Italy).

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Ice Blue for You

How about a cool shade of blue for your new toaster or kettle? Many people are now choosing blue as a subtle accent to the neutrality of white kitchen cabinets and larger kitchen appliances.

Blue appliances encompass classic styling with a contemporary and practical finish that stays cool to the touch.

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Full Colour Range

If you really cant decide which one of the above to choose, just take a look at the full range from Comet. They’ve got small kitchen appliances in cream, yellow and even pink now too!

Whatever the style of your kitchen, there’s an appliance to match.

» View the full range online at Comet!

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