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Add A Touch of Glamour to Your Kitchen With A Whirlpool American-style Fridge-Freezer

Dream of having one those cool American side-by-side fridge-freezers in your kitchen? Most people do!

Whirlpool has a wide range of side-by-side fridge-freezers with built-in water and ice dispensers, however our newest in the range, the Nova side-by-sides are so beautiful and glamorous, they recently won an award for their good looks!

These striking fridge-freezers not only come in a range of eye-catching colours – Black Mirror Glass, Intense White, Total Black, and Infinity Metal – but with their clean lines, flush handles (that means the handles don’t stick out!) and stylish control panel, they are sure to be a talking point in your kitchen. All your friends will want one!

whirlpool side by side USA fridge freezers

Keeping your Food Really Fresh

Whirlpool NOVA American Side By Side Fridge Freezer

The Whirlpool Nova side-by-sides are also packed with fantastic technology. They feature Whirlpool 6th SENSE, which is a clever piece of technology you see in a lot of Whirlpool’s home appliances that constantly senses what is
happening in the machine, adapts its function accordingly, and controls how the machine works to help save you energy, time, and money.

In the Nova side-by-sides, 6th SENSE works by checking and monitoring the temperature inside your fridge, and it restores the optimal temperature 5 times faster than a regular fridge1. Why is this important? Well, the freshness of the food in your fridge is maintained through temperature and humidity levels within the fridge. So, if you keep the doors open for a while longer than you should – let’s be honest, we all do it! – and when you think that most fridges then take a long time to get back up to temperature, then the freshness of your food can be affected.

Whirlpool Nova side-by-sides and 6th SENSE are designed to ensure this won’t happen to you. These clever fridge-freezers work doubly hard to restore the correct temperature quickly to ensure your food stays perfectly fresh.

But that’s not all. The freezer section features our Total No Frost system, which means you never have to defrost the freezer. It works by preventing ice formation within the freezer – one less chore in your busy life, which has to be great news!

Perfect for Families and Party Lovers

Whirlpool NOVA American Side By Side Fridge Freezer Internal

The large capacity within the Nova fridge-freezers means they are a fantastic choice for those with families or those that like to throw big parties – there is plenty of room for lots of food and drink!

The InDoor Ice feature, which means that the whole ice maker is part of the door, so not to impose on precious shelf space in the freezer, helps to save up to 30% in the freezer cavity2, leaving you more room for more food. The ice maker can produce up to 1.3kg per day – the highest ice storage on the market3 – and the ice bucket can also be removed when full of
ice to take straight to the table for those long summers days of barbecues and beer.

The Nova side-by-sides also feature a rotating easy fill water system that means you can easily fill bottles or containers with water without having to awkwardly slant them into the filling area, which helps to prevent spillages on to your kitchen floor.

Built with You in Mind

The Nova side-by-side fridge-freezer range represents the innovation and the wish to make our customer’s lives easier. This is behind the design of every home appliance that Whirlpool creates, and we love it!

The Nova side-by-side is also part of the Whirlpool Glamour built-in kitchen appliances range, which makes a bold design statement in any kitchen. Who wouldn’t want a kitchen that looks like this?

Whirlpool Glamour Kitchen

1 compared to Whirlpool products without 6th SENSE technology.

2 compared to the same product with ice maker in the freezer cavity.

3 refers to the ice basket gross capacity, compared to refrigerators with ice maker integrated in the door, available on the European market.

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