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Acer go mid-range with Acer Liquid Express smartphone

Computer giant Acer has today released the latest in their Liquid range of smartphones – the Acer Liquid Express.

Available on T-Mobile and Orange, it is an impressive mid-range smartphone and perfect for those looking for something that won’t break the bank.

Priced at around £200, or free on an 18-24 month contract, Acer are appealing to those who can’t quite bring themselves to shell out the cash needed for an iPhone 4S or a Galaxy Nexus.

It certainly has the features to appeal, delivering everything you could need from a smartphone. A 3.5” HGVA touch screen inside a curved, stylish body gives the Liquid Express a high-end feel.

There is of course the usual 5MP camera that we’ve come to expect as minimum from our smartphones, to go with the high-res display. Inside, there is an 800 MHz Qualcomm 7227 processor.

Techies are likely to turn away from the Liquid Express’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, opting for the more advanced Ice Cream Sandwich.

But for a mid-range smartphone, Gingerbread is more than enough and users will not have any complaints.


The Liquid Express is also Acer’s first smartphone to offer Near Field Communications (NFC). This technology has been around for a fair while now, with Acer about a year late to the party.

But this shouldn’t be a problem for the computer giant, as NFC is still in its relative infancy. Despite smartphone makers falling over themselves to jump on the NFC bandwagon, the technology has so far failed to make an impact on the public.

Acer believes this all about to change, and have made the Liquid Express the first of its smartphones to use the technology, promising every subsequent phone will have the same.

We’re not sure this ‘next big thing’ in software will be enough for Acer to make waves in the smartphone market, especially as NFC is fast becoming standard for new handsets. But the Liquid Express is a solid contribution by a company still finding its smartphone feet.