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Acer announces two Windows 8 tablets

Tech giant Acer has announced that it will be joining companies such as Lenovo and HTC in launching Windows 8 tablets.

The firm has announced that it will be launching two Windows 8 tablets, the Acer Iconia W700P and Acer Iconia W510P, aimed at busy professionals. Here’s what we can expect from the models.

Acer Windows 8 tablets specs and features

The 11.6-inch Acer Iconia W700P features a full HD IPS display and Windows 8 Pro. The device is powered by a Third generation Intel Coreprocessor and comes complete with a Bluetooth keyboard and a cradle that can be used to stand the device in portrait or landscape view.

The cradle also adds a number of connectivity options to the Iconia W700P including three USB 3.0 ports and a DC-in power plug.

The DolbyHome Theaterv4 provides surround sound and dialogue enhancement through professionally tuned audio via PC speakers, headphones or a home theatre.

The Iconia W700P boots in six seconds (SSD), thanks to the Acer Green Instant On feature; resumes from Sleep in 1.5 seconds; and lasts 80 days in Deep Sleep mode.

The device also comes complete with a stylus pen for faster navigation through applications.

The 10″ Acer Iconia W510P offers enhanced performance and longer battery life. With the use of the tablet’s docking station, the tablet’s enhanced battery can run for up to 18 hours.

Windows 8 devices: What’s the outlook?

Windows 8 will launch on 26 October along with the launch of a raft of Windows 8 devices and although an ad for the forthcoming OS has already hit 1 million views, analysts have argued that businesses are unlikely to be early adopters of Windows 8.

They claim that it is likely to remain a “consumer platform”, rather than be used for business purposes. Yet with more manufacturers taking up the OS, it could prove to be a runaway success.

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