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Accessorise your PC

Here is our guide to the ultimate computer accessories, ensuring you get the most from your PC.


Webcams are a great way to communicate with family and friends over the internet. You can use them to send video clips, snapshots, and they’re a great way to chat over your favourite instant messenger application.

Special features to consider when looking for a webcam are:

Snapshot Button

Allows you to capture photos.


The larger the number of megapixels, the clearer the image, especially when you zoom in.

Maximum Resolution

This refers to the number of pixels that can be displayed within a certain area. The higher the resolution, the sharper and clearer the image.

Frames per second

The more frames captured per second, the more fluid the video.

Face tracking technology

Follows your face so you don’t get out of shot when moving around.

Digital zoom

Camera enhances the subject electronically and brings you closer to the lens. The higher the number, the further you can zoom.

Auto focus

Focuses on the subject at all times so the image remains sharp and clear.

HD video

Great quality video with sharp consistent colours.


Today’s sophisticated keyboards are a pleasure to type on and can come as standalone or as desktop sets which have a matching mouse. This section explains the various options:

Wired or wireless?

As with mice, a wired keyboard doesn’t need batteries and is simple to set up, while a wireless keyboard means a tidier work area.

Ergonomic keyboards

These encourage a natural wrist and arm alignment so you can work in total comfort.

Shortcut keys

These give you one-touch access to your favourite applications, games, folders and web pages.

Media keys

Built-in media keys let you play, pause and fast forward music as well as change your speaker volume.

Mice and easy…

Everything you need to consider to choose the right mouse.

What Size Do You Need?

A full desktop mouse is best for desktop computers, while a compact mouse is ultra portable and ideal for netbooks and laptops.

Wired or Wireless?

A wired mouse doesn’t need batteries and is simple to set up, while a wireless mouse may be more convenient, with no wires to mess up your work area.

Optical or laser?

Optical technology gives really smooth, accurate movements, while laser mice are more responsive, work well on different surfaces and allow for really precise movements.

BlueTrack technology by Microsoft combines the power of optical technology with the precision of a laser for remarkable tracking on any surface from your kitchen table to an airport bench, although it won’t work on glass.

Darkfield Laser Tracking by Logitech, however, will! It is designed to work on tricky surfaces such as glass or lacquered desks.


1.0 Speakers

These single speaker systems are great for boosting the bass of your computers built-in speakers.

2.0 Speakers

Simple, straightforward speakers that give any PC a bit more musical muscle.

2.1 Speakers

These easy-to-install systems dramatically improve the sounds you get from your computer, with bass frequencies getting a particular boost from the central sub-woofer.

5.1 Speakers

These top notch systems feature five satellite speakers and a central sub-woofer for floor-shaking bass and truly immersive sound. Brilliant for gaming and home cinema systems.

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