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A Quarter of Brits Watch Their TV On-demand

One in four Brits now does most of their TV viewing on-demand.

The rise in popularity of Smart TVs and catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD and Sky Go means 26% of UK telly addicts now shun tuning in by appointment – for example watching it live at the times shown in the schedules.

The research by YouGov found 18-24 year olds are most likely to ditch the TV guide and turn on when they want, with 41% using on-demand, compared to just 14% of the over 55s.

Dan Brilot, YouGov’s Media Consulting Director, said:

“These figures show that we are perhaps entering into a paradigm shift in the way that we consume Television – ‘TV 2.0′. Whilst we know (from industry sources such as BARB) that linear TV is still growing, alongside this we are observing a huge growth in on-demand consumption.”

“TV 2.0 is all about consumers, rather than schedulers, deciding what to watch and when. Whilst linear TV is still at the core of most things that most people watch, the next generation who are growing up with the internet’s new mode of serving and searching content will increasingly focus their viewing attention to on-demand services.”

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These figures come as another poll by YouGov, for tech magazine and website company Future Publishing, shows a shift in attitude to Smart TVs with bright news for the products and their manufacturers.

The research believes that by the end of this year, 11% of people in Britain will own a Smart TV, double the number who do right now.

It also found Samsung is the clear leader and that they look set to dominate the market, followed by Panasonic  and LG.

The original YouGov research also discovered 39% of people are now watching more on-demand than this time last year although one in four admit they’ve never even used the internet capabilities of their Smart TV to watch when they want.

But among people who own Smart TVs, more than a third said the majority of their TV viewing was on-demand, a figure which rises to more than half for 18-24 year olds who specifically own a Smart TV and 51% of Smart TV owners with pre-school children.

Mr Brilot added:

“TV 2.0 isn’t just about better programming choices but also more effective and targeted advertising too. The appeal of clickable ads, for example, is clear – almost a fifth of consumers want to be able to click on TV ads to find out more about the products they are interested in.”

In keeping with the Future Publishing research, this poll also found Samsung ahead in the ownership stakes. While one third (36%) of Smart TV owners now have a Sony with Samsung on 33% and Panasonic on 16%, a whopping six in 10 of those questioned who were planning to buy a Smart TV in the next 12 months said they’d be getting a Samsung.

Mr Brilot concluded:

“Sony is seen as the quality or premium brand favoured by many early tech adopters – late 20 or 30-something men – but Samsung is the brand working the hardest and most successfully to bring Smart TV to the masses through its advertising campaigns as well as leading the way in the availability of apps on the sets.”

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