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A Handy Guide to Outdoor Living

We’ve been promised some very warm weather this summer and given past experiences, we all know that our window of opportunity for eating al fresco is rather limited in this country. So, it may be wise to get yourselves prepared with all the right equipment to make the most delicious food and drinks.

As such, here is a handy guide to some of those essential items you’ll need to ensure your summer barbecue banquet brings everyone together for a truly fabulous day.


Mastrad Multi-grater Mandoline

This chef’s little helper comes with a set of 5 stainless steel blades for cutting, grating, thinly slicing, cutting out. It is absolutely ideal for thick cut chips and waffled potatoes and the cutting thickness can be adjusted with a thumb wheel. Turn another wheel and julienne or chips blades come out! The push-button and the handle offer comfort and safety and the base comes complete with folding non-slip feet.

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Mastrad’s Paring Knives, pivoting handle Ceramic blades

Mastrad knives were recently awarded the Design Plus 2010 prize. Their unique handle folds to protect the blade and the quality of their ceramic blade offers incomparable precision. Their ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and easy handling, so you can chop away, just like a professional chef.

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5 blade herb scissors

Mastrad 5 blade herb scissors come with high quality stainless steel blades that will cut all your aromatic herbs 5 times more quickly. Not only that, they are also great for lettuce, ham, mushrooms, etc, so no more fiddling around.

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Mastrad Roasting Thermo Sensor

The Mastrad roasting thermo-sensor allows you to check the cooking temperature continuously and alerts you when your dish is perfectly cooked, making it ideal for barbecues and cooking meat, fish and cakes. The thermo-sensor has integrated additional features as well as a timer with alarm. The silicone handle is ideal for manual use as a thermometer for jam, sugar, frying and making sauces. It’s manual programme has built in memory and the pre-programmed temperatures can be changed to your personal settings. It comes with a stylish design and has superior functionality.

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Mastrad Thermo Cooking Fork

With the Thermo Cooking Fork you can instantly read how well-done your fish or meat (beef, pork, chicken, veal, turkey or lamb) is. With its waterproof body, backlit display and integral light, you will find it comes in useful for all sorts of occasions. The heat-probe fork is simple to use: simply select the fish key or type of meat and poke the fork into the middle of the meat or fish. The display indicates how well-cooked the food is (very rare, rare, medium, well-cooked), so it’s absolutely ideal for the kitchen or barbeque. The temperature indicator is shown in Degrees or Fahrenheit.

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George Foreman 10946 6-Portion Entertaining Cafe George Grill

Dramatically cut down on your fat intake and still eat your favourite meals thanks to the George Foreman’s patented groove system, which allows the excess fat and grease to run off into a separate tray, ensuring a tastier and healthier bite. Available in a stylish brushed metal design, the Cafe George contains enough grilling space to cook six burgers or chicken breasts or alternatively three paninis or baguettes.

The genius of the versatile and easy-to-use Cafe George is that it cooks both sides of the food at once, sealing in all the flavour and often cutting cooking times by half. The Grill’s ingenious floating hinges mean that thick chops, chicken breasts, chunky vegetables and fruits all grill evenly in a matter of minutes. The grill comes complete with variable temperature controls and a timer with auto shut off and has a non-stick easy clean finish on the grill plates.

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Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 Panini/Grill and Griddle

The Russell Hobbs machine has large cooking plates that are covered in an effective non-stick coating to provide quick and easy clean up of any cooked on cheese or other runny ingredients. The cool touch handles make the press easy to operate without the risk of burning and you are able to move the press sooner after finishing. The cooking plates are specially ribbed to allow for the toasted panini look, but it also provides a more even browning of sandwiches.

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The adjustable top plate hinge system is able to adjust to any size toast snack or meat and the weight of the lid will also adjust so that the toasting is even. The non-stick coating prevents foods from being burnt onto the plates and provides a quick cleaning solution. The drip tray is inserted into the base but can be removed for emptying when full. The non-slip feet ensure that the Panini Sandwich Press does not move around, or wobble.


Mastrad Orka Plus Silicone Mitt

The OrkaPlus Oven mitt is water proof, even in boiling water and is extremely flexible, making it easier to grip hot pot handles, or dishes out of the oven. Orka has lined their mitts with a removable, super-soft cotton lining for comfort are non-staining and easy to clean. The removable cotton lining is machine washable for added convenience and is heat safe to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.  This means that you can use your mitts to remove pans from the oven, or a potato from boiling water.

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Mastrad Pot Holder

Mastrad’s pot holder is designed to protect your hands from heat when removing hot pots and pans from the stove. It is not just highly functional, it also has a fabulous looking design.  With it’s ridged texture on both surfaces of the silicone oven mitt, it ensures an extra high level of grip, protecting your hand from intense temperatures of up to 480F/250degC. The pot holder design is easy to clean, stain resistant and dishwasher safe.

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Mastrad Aprons

The Mastrad apron is available in 6 different colours with DuPont TeflonTM protective coating. The Flame-retardant coating adds extra protection to you whilst cooking and it’s easy-care fabric stays looking new for longer. It comes with adjustable straps with an easy-to-use clip lock as well as a pocket and hooks for utensils. The extra-wide, rounded shape protects you from all those unwanted food splatters.

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Lock & Lock Cool Bag with Storage Containters

It’s amazing how much you can get in this stylish cool bag! The Lock & Lock bag comes complete with three 100% airtight, watertight boxes, lift-out dividers and an ice pack, The storage boxes are even microwave safe.  You could use just two of the boxes and pack a can of fizzy drink and some fruit. However you use it, this versatile bag is perfect for all occasions!

Mastrad Silcone Lids

Mastrad’s silicone lids are incredibly practical, so you can keep your food in the fridge then reheat in the microwave. They are completely airtight, thanks to the suction system. Being 100% silicone, they are heat resistant to 480°F / 250°C. They are extremely versatile in that they can also be used as a trivet or pot holder. The lids are available in 3 sizes : 5.9, 8.6 & 10.2 / 15.22 & 26 cm.

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Mastrad Citrus Express

The citrus express slices and cuts perfect citrus chunks with a simple turn of the wrist and without making a mess. It doubles as a fruit press and comes complete with secure, non-skid rubber base, making it perfect for all your fresh fruit drinks on a summer’s day. No need to worry about washing up afterwards as this express is also dishwasher safe.

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Kenwood kMix BLX-54 Blender

The Kenwood kMix BLX-54 is a versatile jug style blender and is suitable for both right and left handed users. It incorporates a powerful 800W motor and boasts 4 dedicated pre-programmed electronic functions plus a pulse setting, maing it ideal for making dips, drinks and soups, or crushing ice. ??A conveniently placed metal rotary dial, non-slip feet and cord storage make the Kenwood kMix BLX-54 a safe and practical appliance to use. Moreover, the 1.6-litre, dishwasher safe fluted glass goblet and removable stainless steel blades allow for effortless cleaning.?? The Kenwood kMix BLX54 Food Blender comes in a beautiful peppercorn finish.

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Mastrad Corkscrew Set

Mastrad’s unique lever design uncorks wine effortlessly, regardless of bottle size! The corkscrew set comes with a vacuum stopper, a foil cutter and a Teflon-coated spiral screw.  So now you really can show off your bar skills to all your guests at the next barbeque.

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