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Canon 400D Review – A great camera for appetisers and mains

Canon EOS 400D

Rating: ★★★★☆

From opening the box of this camera you get excited, the immediate option of setting your new 400D to ‘Auto’ (green box) provides you with a basis to start taking pictures, however you will soon realise you can access so much more through just a little homework.

Quickly switching your camera to ‘P’ however lets you ‘Program’ how you want to snap, taking a quick read of the manual arms you with the basic knowledge of composing and preparing your photo.

Feel free to change your shutter speed or aperture through the other manual settings or if feeling adventurous, go to fully manual and create your perfect atmosphere.

The flash is slightly bright for the moment, but i’ve fixed that with a little masking tape over the glass.

There are also ‘scenery’ modes for this camera, however if that is what you want, I suggest you buy yourself a compact, as the 400D does not deserve the insult of being held back from its capabilities.

Buy a book, watch a film, go on a course, whatever you do, get the most out of this beauty. You wont be disappointed.


  • Many Features
  • Good Price


  • Flash not perfect


A great camera, at a quality price, a definite choice for any photographer looking to learn or go one step further.