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A Flexible Touchscreen Desktop PC

Touchscreen is no longer limited to the mobile phone or tablet device, following the announcement from HP of the launch of their first touchscreen desktop PC.

The new HP TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC and HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite Business PC feature a 60 degree reclining display, so wherever you are sitting your PC can be adjusted for easy viewing.

The move also aims to help businesses engage with customers as the screen can be moved around to the other side of the desk where the customer is sitting to produce natural front-desk interaction.

The new PCs boast a 23 inch diagonal high definition (HD) display, which can be tilted forward, up to five degrees.

“HP has made each iteration of the TouchSmart PC more intuitive, resourceful and fun for users,” said James Mouton, HP spokesperson.

“The latest generation is no exception with a new design that makes it easier and more comfortable to use.”

The PCs are slim and have an all-in-one design so they save space, while the multitouch technology allows for an accurate response.

In terms of entertainment, the TouchSmart consumer PC makes it easy to surf the web, edit photos and play games, along with the ability to access social networks.

The PC also lets users add fun applications via the TouchSmart Apps Center, as well as to listen to music in a unique way with Beats Audio.

Those who enjoy playing computer games can commence the challenge of Ubisoft’s real-time strategy game RUSE – using the multitouch navigation to beat their opponents.

If you have a notebook, the TouchSmart features the new HP LinkUp application which allows users to link the two devices using a home network.

This lets you view films and documents on the large HD screen on the PC from where you had previously been watching or working on them on the go. Any changes you make to a document are saved to the notebook so there is no need for file transfer.