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A Dream Job for Technology Fans?

April 12th 2011 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first man – Yuri Gagarin – into space. And now, just one small step for man could see you follow in his footsteps.

In what must be one of the most exciting job adverts ever written, Virgin Galactic LLC, the world’s first commercial spaceline, has announced that they are now accepting qualified applications for pilot-astronauts!

Anyone who has ever worn a handsfree headset and imagined they were in Star Trek, or always think of the holograms in Star Wars whenever someone mentions 3D technology, will no doubt be buzzing at the prospect of such a job.

But if you want to apply unfortunately you’ll need more than an encyclopaedic knowledge of Sci-Fi films and a love for gadgetry: to qualify you will have to be a full course graduate of a recognised test pilot school and broadly experienced with both high-performance fast-jet type airplanes and large multi-engine types.

And if that wasn’t enough experience the application notice also casually mentions that prior spaceflight experience is desirable, too!

Virgin Galactic is dedicated to becoming the world’s first sub-orbital commercial space tourism company. They have a long term vision to invest in space technologies and open up space to more and more people.

Pilot astronauts are an important part of their vision, but if you don’t quite fit the criteria and if you really want to experience space travel for real then you can reserve your seat with Virgin Galactic.

Tickets cost a hefty $200,000, but budding astronauts will get to sample zero-gravity in space as well as two days of pre-flight preparation at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

If ever there was something you could do to out-tech your friends, it has to be this, doesn’t it? Just think of the status update you could make on your smartphone: ‘Dale is in Space, literally,’ and the photographs would be, well, out of this world!

If you just happen to be a jet fighter pilot with experience of going into space and happen to be looking for a new job, visit the Virgin Careers site at, and search for Virgin Galactic.