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A Close Shave: What to Look for in a Modern Razor

The ‘unkempt look’ for our male counterparts could be seen as enhancing their masculinity to the opposite sex. What I keep asking myself is why growing leg hair, as a woman, has not yet caught on in the same way.

It is not just the fact that legs are about ten times the surface area of a face, but even the hint of stubble does little to enhance a woman’s femininity in our Western society, and even more depressingly, this is not just the only body area many of us feel obliged to keep under control.

So, rant over, until ladies everywhere can walk freely down the street baring unshaved legs and armpits, because it is just, well, cool, let us take a look at how to best manage the situation in the meantime.

Sisters, this article looks at some of the best ladies shavers on the market, which areas of the body they are best used on, what skin types are best suited to each, and models which will last the torturous day in day out chore we have to put up with, for the majority of our adult lives.

Electric Shavers

The majority of people shy away from electric razors as they have a reputation of not giving the smooth finish a wet razor with a bit of foam can accomplish.

However, there are times when you do not have time for a shower and an electric razor would be very handy.

The Philips HP6335 ladyshave is battery operated so you do not have to worry about getting tangled with a cable.

It also boasts a twin head, making it capable of tackling those tough hairs without cutting your legs.

The Braun LS5560 is another good alternative, which comes with a long hair trimmer, OptiShave attachment for legs and Trimming & Styling extras for bikini areas, so every body part can be attended to with this model.


I am a big fan of the epilator, having never got on with waxing – even the cold wax strips which do not require you to smother your legs with hot wax, I find not only excruciatingly painful and tricky to perform, but I always end up sticking to the bed sheets afterwards.

Epilators on the other-hand, have the same long lasting effect as waxing in that the hair is removed from the root – and by removed, yes, I do mean pulled, but for some reason I think it is less painful, and easier to get to every hair on every part of the leg.

These alternative tools to shavers and waxing mean your legs are hair free for sometimes up to a month, and it is a mess free process of achieving a silky smooth finish.

If you persevere with an epilator and put your shaver in the bin, then it should get easier to do each time, as the hair grows back less thickly.

Most models are typically designed to be used out of water as they are electric, but some like the Braun 7681WD Xpressive Pro are battery operated and are waterproof so you can use it in the bath or shower.

This is a good option if you are a beginner, or do not have a high pain threshold as the warm water soothes the skin and makes it less painful.

Ladies Body Shavers

For the areas we do not like to admit we have to shave, but do, there are special models out there to make it easier to reach those ‘particular’ bits.

Different sized heads are available to fit one razor handle that makes it quick and easy to achieve a smooth finish without causing any nips and bleeding – which can occur more frequently with a regular shaver.

The Braun Silk-épil Xelle 5780 Body and Face does exactly what it says it does.  Its different attachments aim to make it as painless as possible to rid those pesky whiskers or underarm strands without the horrible stubbly re-growth.

The epilator also comes with different sized heads, if you are brave enough to give other body parts a pluck!

So, girls, although society refuses stubbornly to allow us to spend that time we shave our legs in the shower instead preparing mentally for the day ahead, these modern razors and epilators can make the task a lot easier and more bearable than ever before.

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