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A brand-by-brand guide to TV extras

Along with the usual features you would expect with top of the range TV, some of the big brands have gone even further with some awe-inspiring out of this world technology.

Read our guide for a tantalising taste of the next generation features on offer.



This brings you the best of the internet directly to your TV. Enjoy free Skype to Skype video chat, YouTube clips, weather forecasts and online photo sharing from the comfort of the sofa. Just connect your LG NetCast TV to your home network either via the built-in Ethernet port or an optional Wi-Fi dongle.

Picture Wizard

LG says it takes the guesswork out of picture adjustments with a wave of your hand. In real-life you will need a hand (and a remote) but you can easily select your on-screen preference for key picture elements such as black level, colour, tint, sharpness and backlight level.

Invisible Speaker

Created by the renowned audio expert Mark Levinson (one of the Kings of Sound), you won’t believe what you’re hearing with the fine-tuned speaker system hidden for a clean, polished look. It may be hidden but it won’t be forgotten as it delivers enhanced audio with a wider sound field.



An entirely new generation of Panasonic Plasma TV. With Panasonic’s newly developed picture enhancement technologies, you’ll get an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of over 2,000,000:1. This gives really deep, dark black tones and brighter whites for more vibrant and lifelike pictures, great for movies, sports and documentary fans, or any TV fan for that matter.

Viera Cast

Viera Cast gives you access to the internet through your TV whenever you need it. View videos via YouTube, photos via Google’s Picasa Web Albums, and watch your favourite sporting moment from Eurosport, all at the touch of one button. Just hook up your new TV to your high-speed internet router and Viera Cast will do the rest, including constantly updating itself.

Viera Link

This gives you control over all your Panasonic home entertainment equipment (when hooked up with a HDMI cable) from a single remote control. No more hunting around for missing remotes.


This makes setting up your TV and DVD recorder easier. Q-Link works by selecting the same analogue channel as your Panasonic TV, via a SCART cable. If you connect to a digital tuner such as a Freeview recorder it allows the timer function on the TV to control the recorder, so you don’t have to leave the recorder in Timer Record mode.



Transfers your videos, music and photos from your PC or mobile phone to the TV easily. No more struggling with multiple applications. This is done wirelessly and effortlessly (Wi-Fi connection needed) and can connect with more than one PC.


Lets you control up to twelve Samsung devices with your one and only Samsung TV remote, with up to three of them being of the same type (for example, three DVD players). This function operates through HDMI 1.3 cables.

Eco Sensor

Measures the intensity of the room’s light and automatically adjusts the screen brightness. Pretty much the Samsung version of the Ambient Sensor. In a brightly lit environment, the picture grows brighter, and in dim surroundings, brightness is reduced. This makes sure you’re not wasting energy when you don’t need to.


Ambient Sensor

Automatically detects the brightness and colour hue of ambient light in the room. You can then adjust the picture with minimum effort and energy usage via the remote. This isn’t just available on Sony TVs, but most of our other TV brands, too.

Bravia Internet Video

Launching your TV firmly into cyber-space, Bravia’s Internet Video Link seamlessly streams internet video content directly to your compatible Sony TV with no additional charges and no PC needed (although you will need Wi-Fi at home). This will give you loads of news clips, movie trailers, TV shows and more, straight from your existing internet connection.

Bravia Internet Widgets

Must-have downloadable applications (or apps) that allow you to access the latest in news, weather, and interactive content when your TV is connected to the internet.

Intelligent Presence Sensor

(Only available on the LX900 series) – A truly amazing piece of technology that uses face recognition technology (in the same way as a digital camera) to understand who is watching the screen. It will then dim the picture, turn it off if no-one is watching or tell the kids if they’re sitting too close. It will also adjust the sound and picture based on where you’re sitting in the room to give you the best results. The sensor can even recognise your viewing habits and recommend the programmes you might like to watch. This really is the future.



Working like an up scaling DVD player, this technology helps transform standard definition to near High Definition quality. Ideal if you want to keep your old non-HD DVD player.


A great bit of kit if you’re wall mounting your TV. This technology provides bigger sound projection, which means the TVs integrated speakers can powerfully direct sound to the nearest hard surface and amplify it in the same way as freestanding TVs. Another nifty function is that you can then adjust the audio direction of the TV speakers once the TV is mounted on the wall.


Toshiba’s version of Sony’s Ambient Sensor and Samsung’s Eco Sensor, AutoView takes into account the room lighting and analyses the content being shown in real time. It then constantly adjusts the LCD’s backlight depending on the lighting conditions in the room to provide a better viewing experience. In light rooms the backlight is increased, in dark rooms the backlight is dimmed.

Meta brain

Toshiba’s unique processing chip acts as the brain of TV. In simple terms it puts all the technology mentioned above into place.

Now you know what to look out for, browse our range of TVs online or talk to our experts at your nearest Comet store to choose the one that’s right for you.

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