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A 3D Projector For The Ultimate 3D Home Cinema

In my first article here at Pluggedin I said that the 72-inch 3DTV from LG was as close as you could get to 3D home cinema due to the massive screen size.

Well, technology waits for no-one and JVC have just released what many “home cinema” enthusiasts think is essential to a true 3D home cinema experience… a full HD 3D projector.

If you want a primer on projectors, check out PluggedIn’s helpful jargon buster.

The JVC DLA-X3 Full HD Projector can blast 3D images on to a screen in your living room and have you watching your 3D Blu Ray discs like you’re at the cinema.

The DLA-X3 from JVC is based on their D-ILA optical engine and can do Full HD (1080p, 1920 x 1080) resolution with a projection throw of 60- to 200-inches with a contrast ratio of 50,000:1.

Of course, new kit like this usually comes with a hefty price tag and the DLA-X3 is no exception. It costs in the region of £3,500 which may sound a lot, but it’s about half the price of other 3D projectors.

But, hey, when we’re talking about cool gadgets and 3D gizmos, what’s a little price tag between friends? If your Blu Ray player of choice is a PS3, you could presumably spin a game disc and have fun shooting aliens to bits in 3D on a screen size of up to 16 FEET in diameter! :)

Also available in the range are the DLA-X7 (approx £6,500) and DLA-X9 (approx £9,500), which are both THX certified. The DLA-X7 boasts a contrast ratio of 70,000:1 and the DLA-X9 has contrast ratio of 100,000:1

The projectors are compatible with JVC’s PK-AG1 active shutter glasses and PK-EM1 3D signal emitter which keeps the 3D image projection in synch with the glasses.

Nothing truly beats a projector and surround sound for the ultimate home cinema experience. Now you can enjoy that in 3D and step into a whole new home cinema dimension.

For more information on setting up a home cinema, check out the excellent video guide from What HiFi.

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