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£8 txtr beagle ereader: Could it rival the Amazon Kindle?

Amazon’s Kindle has always been the go to ereader of choice for bookworms around the globe, and with a basic model coming in at £69 users haven’t had too much to grumble about when it comes to the device’s price point.

Now a new ultra low-cost ereader could threaten to blow devices such as the Kindle, the Kobo Mini, the Nook Simple Touch ereader and the Sony PRS-T2 out of the water.

The txtr beagle, the brain child of Berlin based company txtr, comes in at a credit crunch-busting £8, and it set to hit the market in the near future. Here’s what you can expect from the model.

txtr beagle: How does it work?

At such a low price, it probably comes as no surprise that the txtr beagle ereader won’t provide the functionality of other pricier and more advanced models.

Continuing the trend for bare-bones devices, started by model’s such as the Raspberry Pi minicomputer, the txtr beagle doesn’t offer some of the basics that we have come to expect from ereaders.

You may be paying £8, but don’t expect to find 3G or even Wi-Fi, or a rechargeable battery or large storage space for that matter.

Take a look at the incredibly cheesy ad for the txtr beagle below!

Instead txtr beagle users will need to have a smartphone, which they can use to transmit up to five books via Bluetooth to the reader. You’ll also need two AAA batteries power it.

Users also need to turn pages using buttons on the device, as opposed to a touch screen, meaning that a number of features, including font size, will need to be set on the smartphone before the book is moved onto the beagle.

txtr beagle: A challenger to the Kindle?

Although the txtr beagle is a far cry from the Kindle – with its large storage space, Wi-Fi and epic battery life – it definitely seems to offer value for money.

Despite some of its potential drawbacks, the beagle is 42 grams lighter than the Kindle, and its 5-inch screen uses the same E-Ink technology featured on other ereaders.

The model also supports pdf and .epub book formats, as well as those supported by smartphones. The txtr bookstore already holds 400,000, although Kindle Store’s holds 900,000.

The txtr beagle could prove to be a hit with book lovers looking for a cheaper way to get their daily dose of fiction or non-fiction. We can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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