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5 Valentine Gifts for Tech Lovers

Love is in the air as the nation prepares to romance their other halves on 14th February. And whether it be under the shimmer of moonlight, in the glow of candlelight, or the beam of a shiny new machine, check out these Valentine’s gifts technology fans will love.

If you are struggling with a suitable gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, make them dizzy with the electrical pulse from one of these top must-have gadgets.

Tech Gifts for Music Lovers

An iPod could turn out to be the best way you could say those magic three words on the 14th February, whether it be through the voice of Celine Dion, Britney Spears, or Pavarotti.

Or for something less pricey there are various other mp3 players on the market – you could even upload a special Valentine’s playlist so that special someone in your life can listen to those romantic songs and think of you when they are on their way to and from work.

The Apple iPod touch 32GB can provide everything you need in a portable music listening device. This gadget is more than the music too as the user can keep in touch via FaceTime, shoot photographs in HD or play games.

Ideas for Gamers

If your man (or woman) is into games, nothing can show them how much they mean to you than a new console, game, or accessory for their beloved device.

Whether you already have a Sony PlayStation and want to add to your partner’s collection of games, or you want to buy a new console, there are several main brands available and typically those who are into games have their favourites, so find out what this is before you buy one.

The Sony PS3 Slim is a good choice as the gamer can play their favourite games in high definition. It also comes with PlayStation 3 and PSP system connectivity, and a wireless controller.

Capture the Moment with a Camera

For someone really special invest in a digital camera so you can remember precious memories of your life together for years to come.

Better still, you could even take a few pictures of the pair of you, or people and places that are special to her or him, and start a photo album of luuuurrrrrve.

For something really special why not purchase the CANON G1210MP Digital Camera –the latest camera in the award winning G series.

Features include high sensitivity 10 MP CCD, 28mm wide angle lens to enable you to take high quality photos easily, 5x optical zoom and Front Dial, Full Manual and RAW.

SatNav – So they can find their way to your heart

If your partner is confused about how they feel about you, why not present them with a SatNav on Valentine’s Day to help direct them to your heart.

This could be a very special gift if you are continuing a long distance relationship. A SatNav is an invaluable gadget for those always on the go, and is especially useful if you are driving on your own with no one to help with directions.

If directions are a cause for arguments, a SatNav can even help keep the peace in the car on those weekends where you tackle a journey together, only to arrive at your destination not speaking to each one another.

A TOM TOM GO 750 LIVE EU 4.3 inch Sat Nav could prove to be the best valentine’s present you have ever purchased.

Not only does this device show you the right way to go without you having to take one look at a map and argue over which way round it should go, but it also provides live traffic updates.

You can also take it abroad as it has the details of 45 countries.

Flash Your Cash with a Tab

The newest must have device on the market are tablet computers; smaller and lighter than a laptop, but bigger and easier to view photos, videos and text on than a phone.

Following the first release from Apple with its iPad, there are several other contenders which are worth a look in.

Before you buy a tablet have a think about what your partner is likely to use it for. If they are always on social network sites and keeping in touch with friends via the internet, or up to date with news, they may prefer a smaller one which can fit into a small handbag.

If it is likely your partner will enjoy looking at photos, videos or stream TV through it then a larger screen may be more suitable.