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5 Father’s Day Gifts Under £50

Father’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to show dad you love him than with some great gadget gifts. Keeping in with the latest trends doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, here are some top 5 great gift ideas for your gadget loving dad.

Rechargeable Shaver

Okay so this one is just outside of the budget but the Panasonic ES-RW30 men’s re-chargeable shaver is an ideal gift.

At £50.99, this shaver is really good value for money and is sure to last your dad a life time’s worth of morning shaves.  Whether on holiday or at home, this shaver can be transported for quick and easy shaves whenever required.

This model from Panasonic has a 2 blade cutting system and a pop-up trimmer for side burns and areas you just want to trim.  It takes 8 hours to fully charge and has 21 minutes of use time.

Sandwich Toaster

If your dad enjoys his toasted sandwiches he likely to be chuffed on Father’s day if you present him with this Breville TR52 Sandwich Toaster.

This sandwich toaster is really easy to use, it means you do not have to fiddle with the toaster, or use the grill or frying pan to make a toasted sandwich.  Instead, this sandwich toaster is specially designed to create the perfect toasted sandwich, moulding the bread so little melted cheese escapes, while also creating that golden brown toasted effect.

This model comes in at £29.00, so is well under your £50 budget.  The Breville model has removable plates so it easy to clean and has a special non-stick coating too so the sandwich is easy to remove.  It can make two toasties at one time and has a rapid heat up function so you do not need to wait for hours before it is hot enough to melt the cheese and toast the bread.

Coffee Maker for Early Starts

Are mornings hard in your household?  Does everyone squabble for the kettle and the coffee in the mornings to help them wake up and face the day ahead?  If so, nothing else will be appreciated as much as a good quality coffee maker for those dads out there who enjoy a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee.

You can get some really good ones with a budget of £50 too, take a look at this stylish Russell Hobbs 14597 Filter Coffee Machine, it costs £29.99 and can make a whole pot of coffee by just the press of a button, so those who are not quite themselves in the morning need not have to fiddle around.

This is a filter coffee machine which requires loose ground coffee.  It comes in stainless steel, can make up to eight cups of coffee at one time, and has a warming tray and a digital timer so it can start brewing when you aren’t even there.

Or alternatively, the Philips HD7814/60 Black Senseo Black Pod Coffee Maker is a more expensive model at £49.99.  It is still a filter coffee maker, but uses coffee pods to make a smooth, rich aroma coffee.  This one can only make two cups of coffee at a time, but whether you choose this or the Russell Hobbs one depends on how you like your coffee.

E-Reader Case

A dad who loves reading is a dad who will possibly be enjoying using a new E-reader, and while buying an E-reader could be out of your£50 budget, an E reader leather cover is not, and could be a great gift for Father’s day.

E-readers are really easy to use, they come with pre-loaded books, can be adjusted for different people’s eye sights and comfort levels, and are easy to transport from place to place, to use whenever you have a free moment to enjoy your favourite past time.  However, as they are usually bought to be used on the go, they are likely to get scratched, so if an E-reader is dear to your dad’s heart, he will surely appreciate a cover for it.

The Sony PRS3 Leather Cover Sony Pocket E-Reader B Patent Case  is designed to fit Reader Pocket Editions to prevent the e-reader from getting scratched, it comes with reader clips so clips into place for secure positioning, has a document flap inside the front cover and it costs £40.84.

3D Glasses

3D glasses can look quite geeky, especially if you still have those cardboard ones with the red and blue filter lenses.  So if you are lucky enough to have 3D technology to enjoy movies and play games in 3D, why not treat your dad this Father’s day to a pair of ultra cool, very comfortable 3D glasses.

These Samsung SSG 3100GB 3D Glasses are just under budget at £49.99, and not only could they pass for a pair of sunglasses they look that good, but they are battery operated too.  They are specifically designed to be compatible with Samsung 3D TVs.

All the prices are correct at time of writing.

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