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5 Father’s Day Gifts under £100

If this year has been really tough on your family and you are looking to make Father’s Day even more special than usual, with a budget of £100 to splash, take a look at these funky gift ideas for inspiration.

Even though £100 is a good budget to spend on your dad this Father’s Day, you may completely be at a loss as to what to buy him.  While £100 does get you a lot, sometimes too much choice can make the process of buying a present even harder.  See if these five gift ideas help:

Nintendo Package

Is your dad into his gaming devices and enjoys getting his hands on the latest game?  Then for those with a Nintendo the NINTENDO WII FIT PLUS BUNDLE GAME and BALANCE BOARD could be perfect.

This is also a good present for those dads out there who are keen to start doing a bit more exercise and get fit and healthy this summer.

The Wii Fit Plus bundle features over 60 exercises such as yoga and aerobic training so whatever your dad enjoys doing to burn the calories or get the heart pumping, there is sure to be something suitable for him.

Mini Fridges

A mini fridge could be the answer to not only your dad’s prayers, but also your mum’s too.  A mini fridge could be a great Father’s day present, offering your dad the ability to store his beers in a cool fridge without them being taken out to accommodate for extra food.

There is nothing better than a cold beer at the weekends, or having chilled bottles ready for a last minute party or BBQ.

At £79.99 the PROLINE PBR65W-U 1.6 CU FT FRIDGE is the perfect model that comes in under budget so you could also afford to fill it up ready with a couple of beers.

It has one shelf and an ice box for those occasions when the weather is hot in the UK.  It is energy efficient so it will not use up that much energy and also has an automatic fridge defrost function.

Digital Camera

You may think your £100 budget could not afford a digital camera, but this SONY W350 BLACK 14.1MP DIGITAL CAMERA model is currently half price at £99.99, so comes in under budget.

A digital camera is a great present for Father’s day, and something I’m sure your dad will not be expecting.

This particular model is small and light so it is easy to carry around and take away on holiday, without its size compromising the picture quality.

It has 14.1 mega pixels, 4x optical zoom, a screen size measuring in at 2.7 inches to view your pictures after you have taken them, and a 720p movie mode.

Or if your dad already has a camera why not buy him the CANON SELPHY CP800 COMPACT PHOTO PRINTER, so he can easily print off all the pictures he takes to keep in an album.

It has print resolution, two colours, 25 size of droplet picalitre, and weighs 0.940kg, it costs £94.99.

Apple iPod

If your budget is flexible and you are keen to present your dad this Father’s day with a gift perfect for him to enjoy listening to his favourite music on, then why not investigate Apple iPods?

The APPLE iPOD NANO 8GB comes in just over budget at £131.74, and comes in orange, blue, graphite, or pink.

If you are going to get your dad a portable device to listen to music on, it might as well be an Apple iPod Nano.  This model has been completely redesigned to accommodate multi-touch technology which is seen in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  Half the size of an iPod, the iPod Nano is the perfect complement to an Apple technology fan’s stash.

It has an 8 GB memory size, can hold approximately 2000 songs at one time, and has continuous audio playback options of 24 hours.

MP3 Players

If your dad is not fussed by an Apple iPod Nano, but would still appreciate an MP3 Player, there are some quality models on the market which come in under budget.

For something top of the range however, the PHILIPS SA2MUS08S/028GB MP4 PLAYER costs £102.12, and is well worth the price.

This MP3 player is more than an MP3 player as users can even view their photos on it.  Like the iPod Nano it also has up to 24 hours continuous audio playback and can support YouTube clips and BBC iPlayer footage.

It has an 8 GB memory size, is able to accommodate up to 16 hours of video playback, and comes with headphones.


Hopefully, with this range of gifts for under, or about £100, you will have found some inspiration for the perfect gift to give your old man for Father’s day this year.  All the prices are correct on time of writing.