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30W USB Desktop Speakers by QSB!

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology

Rating: ★★★★★

I have in my hands a premium box with the colours of the brand “red and black”. It is quite heavy but the box is hard and designed to protect the tiny speakers when you travel.

SoundScience QSB USB Desktop Speakers

Once I opened this nice box which looks like a jewel case, I had sparkles in my eyes. I discovered two little gems! Cube-shaped, mainly black – silver on the edges – those two tiny speakers look gorgeous and reflect SoundScience premium branding. I am truly amazed by the design of these speakers – sleek and neat!

But design is not everything. These are travel speakers, but are they ‘travel friendly’? The QSB Speakers once again impressed me: they are unique as you plug them to your pc / laptop via a USB port! You don’t need to charge them before using them and there is no need to worry about the battery! Thanks to the USB port, the speakers are automatically charged via your device and they are ready to be used. Impressive isn’t it?

I travel most of my weekends and when I have time off so music on the go and listening to my favourite radios stations online are vital for me. I use my netbook when I’m traveling, unfortunately its integrated speakers don’t sound very good; I also don’t feel very comfortable with earphones and their wires make your life harder – you have to be attached to your laptop! With speakers, freedom is guaranteed!

Tonight I decided to test these gems while listening to the news. I plugged them to my netbook and put the volume up! Unbelievable – these tiny speakers filled the room with a pure and clear sound! It was very enjoyable to (finally!) listen to the news and then music with a stunning sound.

I started a small test (it was already quite late and I didn’t want to bother all my neighbours) – I cranked the volume to its maximum. These speakers would also be ideal for a flat party with a bunch of friends during the weekend and on holiday. Even at full volume the clarity of the sound is still amazing!


  • the USB port
  • the sleek and neat design
  • the premium box to carry the speakers


  • Restrictive usage: for pc / laptop only


These little “ready-to-plug” speakers are highly recommended for people who commute and travel a lot (remember the premium box to carry them) and for those who fancy transforming their living-room into a mini house-club!

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