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Rumoured Samsung Windows Phone 8 devices – what you need to know

Not content with being the Android kind, it has been revealed that Samsung is planning not one, but two high-end devices for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS.

Nintendo 3DS XL: Fears over screen quality

While the launch of the Nintendo 3DS XL should have been met with a flurry of excitement from gamers, there is concern that the screens reduce the quality of game play.

September iPhone 5 launch date becomes ever more likely

Numerous sources have now confirmed the Apple iPhone 5 launch date as September 12. But will Apple’s new smartphone be worth the wait with many now seeing Android as the better option.

Samsung planning 11.8 inch retina display Galaxy Tab?

The latest court battle between Apple and Samsung, over claims of patent infringement, has already thrown up some juicy details of Samsung’s future plans for an 11.8″ retina display tablet.

PEGI becomes the sole rating for UK games

The Pan-European Game Information age classification rating for video games is now officially enforceable in the UK. But what does this mean for the customer and the retailer? And will it make a difference?

Apple iPhone 5 release date rumours increase after new image appears

With reports suggesting the Apple iPhone 5 release date will be early September, the search for a sneak peak of the next Apple phone has reached fever pitch. Here’s the latest leak round-up.

Facebook phone – Will we ever see it?

After floating on the stock market earlier this year, Facebook is under pressure to show how it can make money from its 900 million-odd users. But is a Facebook phone a good option?

The 2012 London Olympics Social Media Spike

Connecting a generation; will data delivery for social media users fall at the first hurdle during the London Olympics? It could be ‘make or break’ time for mobile operators coping with the social media spike.

Mountain Lion hits 3M mark – Apple’s most successful OS release

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion has raced past the three million downloads landmark making it Apple’s best ever OS release to date. Find out more about Apple’s Mountain Lion OS X here!

Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Mini set for joint debut in September?

Apple’s much hyped iPad Mini tablet and iPhone 5 smartphone could hit the market together with a joint debut on 12 September, according to the latest reports. We assess the latest rumours.