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Facebook vs Google – New Battle of the Search Engines

According to reports, Facebook is quietly working a new version of the search function to help users make the most of the vast plethora of content on the site.

Google Tablet Store – What You Need to Know

Google has conquered a number of markets in its lifetime., as now it appears that Google is planning to launch an online store, to sell tablets directly to customers. Here’s what you need to know about Google tablet store.

RIM Shifts Blackberry Focus as Smartphone Profits Fall

Blackberry maker RIM announce a shift in focus to concentrate on business customers but it seems like a retreat form the power of iPhone and Android

RIM Getting Blackberry Back to Business

Blackberry had a very turbulent year last year, and few in the industry were surprised to hear the announcement today.

Google to Launch Online Android Tablet Store & Nexus Tablet Range

Google Android Tablet store and Nexus tablet are coming soon according to reports but are fighting an uphill battle to dethrone Apple’s new iPad

Peter the Galaxy Note Elephant and Other Tech Savvy Animals Showcase their Skills

Animals + technology = fun! An elephant playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note, a chameleon with an iPhone, a gorilla checking out a DS and a goldfish playing Call of Duty (OK that last one may have been made up….)

Best Apps for the Older Generation

The silver generation is now well and truly tech-savvy. But what are the best apps for older people?

Samsung Galaxy S3 to Rival iPhone 4S Display?

Far from being laughable, the latest rumour concerning the device’s screen has caught our interest. According to the latest reports, the S3 will have a display to rival the iPhone 4S.

Sony PS4 – The Latest Rumours Assessed

One gaming manufacturer we haven’t heard much from is Sony, and its next generation console – the Playstation 4. But the rumour mill is never one to disappoint, delivering a fresh batch of hearsay just when we’d forgotten all about the PS4.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits Foxconn Plant in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Foxconn production plant to assess working conditions and strengthen Apple’s relationship with China after claims of military-style working conditions