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Geared up for learning

It’s the two things that school or uni kids hate: homework and revision. Here’s how providing the perfect kit will help them out – especially when they leave it all until the last minute…

Using Windows 7 Explorer

Windows 7 brings with it some nice new features to make finding documents and media files a simple process. This guide will show you the best way to make use of these time saving tools.

Parental Controls for Mac Users

Making surfing the internet safe for young ones can be tricky and time consuming. Mac users have some pretty cool functions already built into their operating system, and with this short video guide you’ll see just how useful and effective they can be.

Spotlight – Shedding Some Light on Mac Search Features

Searching for documents, pictures and songs can be time consuming, let alone knowing where to find a particular program on your computer. Spotlight does all this for you from one place, and lists everything according to category.

Login Options with Fast User Switching

Change the way you log into your Mac computer, using the built-in functions, to simplify the process. Enable Fast User Switching to allow multiple users to be logged on at any one time, and switch between accounts with ease.

Accessorise your PC

The ultimate computer accessories – we look at the some essential PC kit every home set-up needs. Webcams, keyboards and speakers – and what you might want to look for with each!

Become a fan of the Dyson Air Multiplier

Dyson has changed the face of cooling fans like the company changed the face of the vacuum cleaner. Find out about the technology and how the stunningly-designed gizmo can help you beat the heat.

Editing photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Make your pics perfect with a little Windows Live Photo Gallery know-how. This guide tells you how to get colours right, lighten up dark photos and get rid of nasty red eye.

LED TV explained

Technology is offering us yet more improvements to TV! LED TVs have great features in terms of colour, depth, and energy consumption – find out how!

How To Setup Windows Live Mail

Guide explaining how to setup Windows Live Mail as a third party email client.