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2 in 1 Laptop-Tablet Hybrid Coming Soon

Lenovo has just announced that their highly anticipated LePad, a cross between a tablet and a laptop, will be released this year.

The IdeaPad computer can be used for business purposes in a laptop form, but can then transform into a tablet device by removing the screen. The screen, once removed, is the tablet with touch screen capabilities for entertainment use.

The tablet device runs on Android software which is backed by Google, it has a 10.1 inch 800 x 1280 screen and uses a 3G telecom service to connect to the internet.

When the computer is plugged into the keyboard the device uses Windows 7 from Microsoft.

The company recognises the continuing functions of a keyboard for use at work and the convenience of having one device to suit the needs for entertainment use on the go as well.

LePad also comes with a front facing camera so the user can use it for video chats with friends or business associates, and the battery is claimed to last for up to eight hours.

Other features include Qualcomm’s 1.3GHz Snapdragon processor capabilities with Adobe Flash 10.1 support and Bluetooth.

Although the IdeaPad U1 with LePad will be available by the end of March for those in China, the UK launch has not been specified – those eager to purchase one should expect to be able to do so sometime in 2011.

Other Tablets on the Market

The main contenders on the tablet market are Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. The former was the first to break into the arena boasting impressive orientation features, and a large multi-touch screen able to enhance the many apps available for use on all Apple gadgets.

The Galaxy Tablet is one of the first Android driven tablets and runs with 32GB which is expandable by double that.  At 380g and with a 7inch screen the Galaxy Tab is smaller and lighter than the iPad.