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10 years on: How iPods changed the world

On 23rd October 2001, the iPod was introduced to the world. Now, ten years on the iPod is a household name and a gadget with a string of other gadgets to its legacy.

In November 2001 the iPod officially went on sale, setting gadget fans back to the tune of around $399.

The quirky new portable music player was soon set to dominate the world of music and change the way people listened to music forever.

Steve Jobs told technology journalists and analysts in California at the unveiling of the device; “No one has found the recipe yet for digital music.

And we think not only can we find the recipe, but we think the Apple brand is going to be fantastic, because people trust the Apple brand to get their great digital electronics from … we’re introducing a product today that takes us exactly there, and that product is called iPod.”

First Generation

The first generation iPod featured the still popular round scroll wheel (which hasn’t been updated since September 2009) and a modest 120 GB or 160GB.
The Apple iPod held 1,000 songs and had a 10 hour battery life.

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who resigned just weeks ago, launched the new iPod back in 2001 without realising the huge impact the little device would have on the world.

With no previous experience in music, and the company in decline at the time, the move to MP3 players was a surprise.

“Why music?” Jobs asked rhetorically at the time. “Well, we love music, and it’s always good to do something you love. It’s a large target market. It knows no boundaries. And there is no market leader. No one had really found the recipe yet for digital music.”

At the time, the device was heavily scrutinised as it was only compatible with less than 5% of the computers used in the US. Yet within a year the device was supported by the Windows platform.

The “i” in iMac was supposed to stand for “internet”, yet the new iPod didn’t feature internet connection. Even the iMacs themselves had no slot drives which meant that users had no way of burning their own CDs.

Windows fans weren’t convinced, it wasn’t the cheapest device or the most innovative, and MP3 Players already existed.


Within 5 years (and with the help of the iTunes Store), Apple went on to become a global phenomenon, where little white headphones became as much a part of our body as our limbs for many of us.

After the introduction of iTunes videos in 2007, it soon became the world’s most popular video store. Now in 2011 Apple is a household name and brand, standing as one of the world’s biggest companies.

Via sister devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, the way we consume and think about technology/design has changed completely.

It is also worth remembering that without the iPod we would not have the iPad.

Today the iPhone has effectively replaced the iPod, who knows what is next……retro pod?