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10 Year Game of Civilisation II Goes Viral

Whilst browsing Reddit’s r/gaming Subreddit last night I came across a post from Lycerius who has had a game of Sid Meier’s Civilisation II on the go for 10 years!

I found it amusing and left it at that…

Returning to it this morning the post has gone viral leading to it’s own dedicated subreddit r/theeternalwar and even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has jumped on the band wagon. Sky News also found this newsworthy.

A typical in game campaign usually reaches it’s conclusion once certain objectives have been met and usually once the game world reaches year 2020, but the player has the option to continue if they wish.

Lycerius played one particular campaign and reached the year 3991. In this time, only 3 super nations remain (Celts (player), Vikings and Americans), resources are scarce and most of the world is uninhabitable due to nuclear war. Original post here.

The game has reached a point of stalemate with a few territories which are lost and subsequently recaptured. Reddit users have drawn comparisons to George Orwell’s 1984.

Lycerius has posted game save for people to try there luck at resolving the 1700 year war he has created. Download.

You can view screenshots here!

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