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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the iPad 2

The much anticipated reincarnation of the incredibly popular iPad hit the streets of the UK just a few months ago in March and has been causing a stir ever since. But what are the hidden facts surrounding Apple’s new creation?

The iPad 2 was obviously designed as an upgrade or improvement to the massively successful iPad, meaning that certain extra features and improved performances were to be expected. There are, however, still a number of facts about the iPad 2 which are unknown to the vast majority of people. Below is our top ten – how many did you already know?

1: Thinner than the iPhone!

Yes, the iPad 2 measures just 8.8mm thin as compared to the iPhone 4’s 9.3mm thickness and is a third thinner than the original iPad’s almost gargantuan thickness of over 13mm.

2: Stacks of Apps

The iPad 2 has an incredible amount of apps which are designed to enhance the operation and function of the iPad by providing more functions. In fact, the iPad 2 has such an extensive range of apps – there are 65,000 for photography alone!

3: Made for Kids?

The iPad 2, like the original iPad, is proving to be a hit with young children. The children’s sector of the American Public Broadcasting System (PBS Kids) found that an amazing 70% of parents allow their young children to use an iPad, with 40% saying their kids used it every day to play games which were both entertaining an educational (an amazing 90% said that
educational value was most important to them when they chose an app for their child to use)

4: Approved by Royalty

According to the Sun reported that the newest iPad 2 user could be our very own monarch! The Queen was apparently shown the device by her grandsons and was said to be rather taken by it. The iPad 2 could therefore have already received the royal seal of approval.

5: Retro Accessories

The iPad 2 has sparked a whole range of retro accessories to be revealed such as the retro Game Boy Case, available in the states. With such designs already emerging the iPad 2 is cementing itself as a true style icon.

6: Business Sense

The iPad 2 is also destined to make business operation far easier by integrating seamlessly with programmes such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino.

7: Weightlessness

At just over 600g in weight, the iPad 2 weighs less than a large bag of sugar, flour or other baking ingredient! Carrying this little device around is therefore going to feel feather light, especially after your weekly shop.

8: Multi-Lingual

The iPad 2 is obviously capable of supporting multiple languages and characters but Apple’s great device goes one step further by enabling the simultaneous display of multiple languages, making it a truly exceptional tool. The gadget also offers over 30 types of language support including Portuguese for both Portugal and Brazil as well as Hebrew, Vietnamese
and Hungarian.

9: Environmentally Friendly

While a lot of talk circulates about the technical specifications of the new iPad (and rightly so) the environmentally friendly aspects seem to be forgotten. The iPad 2 is, however, an incredibly eco-friendly device. It contains Arsenic free display glass, Mercury free LED back-lighted display and is constructed from a recyclable aluminium and glass enclosure.

10: Super Smart

The thinner design of the iPad 2 has been fully appreciated by developers and users alike and Apple have made the iPad 2 ever smarter with the creation of the Smart Cover. These fantastic covers will automatically put the iPad 2 in or out of sleep mode simply by shutting or opening it. The cover also folds into a convenient stand for typing, watching films or even to use have hands-free video calling.