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10 Things We’d Like to See in the iPad 3

The Apple iPad 3 rumour mill continues in full swing in the wake of the launch of the new iPhone. Despite the phenomenal success of the iPad 1 and 2, all tech fanatics can see that there is more to come from the iPad; it is in no way a finished product.

So what are the 10 things we’d like to see in the iPad 3 when it does finally launch? We’ve listed these below.

1) Stereo Speakers

The sound on the iPad 2 was widely derided as poor, with many Smartphones such as the Sony A860, S760 and E460 arguably having better sound quality. The introduction of better stereo sound will be a great addition to the iPad 3.

2) Faster, Stronger iPad 3

With more apps than we know what to do with, social media and web browsing, it is common to be multi-tasking with our iPads these days. If the iPad 3 can be beefed up – maybe to 64GB of storage as standard (as opposed to the 16GB and 32GB versions of the iPad 2) 4G standard – it will make the world’s favourite tablet work faster. Could we even ask for a 128GB upgrade?

3) 3G for Free

The extras that Apple charge for a 3G model may have to be reviewed for the iPad 3 amid increased competition from the likes of Sony, BlackBerry and Samsung. We live in a digital world where the internet is always needed, wherever we are. As a portable device surely the iPad 3 should come with 3G as standard?

4) Less Glare on the iPad 3 screen

The iPad is still arguably slickest when it comes to navigation and touch screen functionality, but the screen can offer a fair amount of glare when used out and about. The ability to switch to Kindle-style viewing could be one option, but may not be practical when using particular apps or browsing websites, so why not just create a better anti-glare screen?

5) USB

Just add one. It’s that simple!

6) Flash

A bugbear for many when it comes to using the Apple iPad and something Apple should certainly look at in their third instalment. Flash is a necessary application many websites and certain files and applications require in order to view them – the BlackBerry Playbook can handle Flash and if the iPad is serious about becoming a business tool it needs to iron out these issues now.

7) Greater iCloud Synchronicity

While Apple have made some headway with the iCloud, the ability to sync everything up and access it via the iCloud is now more important than ever. The ability to sync up our iPhones, iPads and Mac Books to the iPad via the cloud is a must, as well as the ability to sync up with PCs and other non-Apple products to the iCloud, too.

We’re not quite sure how, or what exactly it would involve (Apple are the experts at telling the consumer what they want), but enhanced iCloud synchronicity on the new iPad – in some shape or form – would be great, and a clear marker for future technology. Perhaps cutting the reliance of the iCloud on iTunes and the App Store as user interfaces could work?

8) An A6 Processor

This has been rumoured for a few months now and the adoption of an A6 processor could do much to boost the Apple iPad 3 in the eyes of gamers and app developers. If the iPad 3 does have an A6 processor it could lead to the development of a quad-core chip within the new device. What does that mean exactly? In short better graphics and crisper, cleaner viewing!

9) A Better Camera

Own the iPad 2? Taken any photographs with it? Don’t worry, you are not alone; Apple customers are far more likely to take shots with their iPhone than they are with their iPad. The introduction of a camera was a big feature of the iPad 2, primarily because it meant you could Skype, but when it came to actual photography, the rear-facing camera is not great. But a few simple upgrades could make the iPad 3 the iPad device that is fully embraced by photographers.

10) Price

We all appreciate the fact that the new gizmos, hardware and designs cost a lot to implement, but there is a recession on Apple and thanks to faster, cheaper processors and the advances of the laptop market, technology enthusiasts have become accustomed to having more and paying less when it comes to new tech. Apple need to be wary of the increased competition, too, notably from the Kindle Fire. So please, pretty please, don’t put the price of the iPad 3 up too much!

Anything we’ve missed off this iPad 3 wishlist? Share your thoughts and comments on what you’d like included in the Apple iPad 3 below.

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