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10 Things We Learned from Apple’s iPhone 4S Reveal

So there we have it. Last night Apple boss Tim Cook took the wraps off the iPhone 4S with the same design as the iPhone 4 but rebuilt pretty much entirely on the inside.

In case you missed it, or if you’re caught up in the slew of rumours and words written in the few hours since the iPhone 4S was announced at Apple’s Cupertino HQ in San Francisco, here’s my best 10 things to come out of yesterday evening’s shenanigans.

The iPhone 4S gives reasons to upgrade

From the improved camera to the faster speed to the better graphical capabilities, there’s a lot that’s new under the same iPhone 4 chassis. Apple seems to have worked hard to include plenty of extra benefits to tempt current iPhone owners into upgrading. But it’s sure to convince some Android users to swap too, or be the first smartphone for many yet to get involved in apps and Apple’s techno world.

Siri will now be your new best friend

Only iPhone 4S owners will be able to chat to Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant. It can practically run your life, arranging meetings, waking you up, telling you what to wear for the weather and even read your texts and emails. It’s going to change the future!

iOS 5 is finally coming out on October 12

If you own an iPhone 4 then by downloading iOS 5 for FREE, you’ll end up with a very different mobile experience. The Reminders app included in the update might be a simple thing and just one of 200 new features, but it should be one of the most welcome and prove very handy indeed. It links up to Outlook too.

iCloud also hits the skies on October 12

While the UK won’t receive the iTunes Match service, we will get the ability to share apps, documents, songs, photos and videos between all Apple iOS devices and your Mac computer. It’s another simple idea but one that will revolutionise the way you use Apple’s products. Having them all in perfect sync 24/7 will save time, fuss and panics.

iMessage will take on BlackBerry Messenger

If you own any device that can work with iOS 5 then you’ll be able to exchange text messages, photos and videos over Wi-Fi or 3G with anyone else who has a similar Apple gadget. iMessage will work on the original iPad and iPad 2, the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and the iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation. That’s a lot of devices and millions upon millions of potential messages to rival BBM.

Parents can keep a beady eye on their kids

Through iCloud, Apple’s Find My iPhone location-tracking feature has now been extended to locating your MacBook too, handy if it’s ever stolen. But Find My Friends can also be used by mums and dads to keep an eye on where their children are. They can’t turn it off either if the parental controls stop them from doing so.

You’ll be snap happy – and it’ll be far faster

On the iPhone 4S, the new eight-megapixel camera has a better lens and much faster time between shots and before your initial image. This means you’ll miss far less action. But in iOS 5, the volume-up button can now take snaps, which saves all that fiddling with the touchscreen.

The iPhone 4 will soon be a bargain

One bonus with the launch of the iPhone 4S is the price reduction for the iPhone 4. It will now sell in only a slimmed-down 8GB version and in America it will cost just $99. In the UK that could be more like £150 but with iOS 5 on board, you’re getting a very clever smartphone for that very reasonable amount of cash.

The iPhone 5 will be out in summer 2012

Ok, Apple never actually said that but it stands to reason that any new iPhone model, and it’ll surely be called the iPhone 5, will hit the streets at the more traditional early summer release time. For those who bought an iPhone 4 in June 2010, that could present the perfect moment to upgrade.

Let’s not forget the humble iPod!

It’s 10 years since Apple launched the first iPod and usually pre-Christmas we see new models to tempt present buyers to put them in stockings at the end of the bed. There was no new upgraded device this year, but the iPod touch will come in black and white with a cheaper price. It’ll start from £169. The iPod nano with 16 new clock faces to wear it as a wristwatch and an easier to navigate menu system will start at £115.