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10 Things To Know About Facebook App Center

When you log into Facebook next, you may notice a new addition to your left-hand navigation column.

The popular social network has begun rolling out its new App Center to its millions of users around the world. But what is Facebook App Center and what do you do with it? Here’s 10 Things To Know.

So what’s Facebook App Center all about?

If you use Apps on Facebook then it’s all a bit hit and miss when it comes to knowing what ones you’ve got and what new ones might take your fancy. That’s where App Center comes in, in a similar way to how you would use the app store in iTunes and Google Play.

It features apps for both mobile and the web all in one place to scan through and download including many hit names such as Draw Something and Pinterest.

It tells you the best apps

Discovery is a big part of App Center allowing you to find new things to play and interact with. But to save you having to search through for ages, it features personalised recommendations based on the way you use the service and you can also browse through the apps your friends are downloading. There’s also feedback from those using them to steer you towards the most popular.

You won’t only find old favourites

Facebook App Center is all about putting new apps on your radar and they include newbies such as Jetpack Joyride, Ghosts of Mistwood and Ghost Recon Commander. You’ll also easily be able to see which of your friends play what as their names will be shown alongside each of the listed apps.

Send apps to your mobile

As well as finding apps for your Timeline, App Center is available in Facebook’s iOS and Android apps. This means you can access the wealth of entertainment on the move as well as from on your computer. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy 3, you’ll get instant access to downloads. You can also send apps when logged in via your browser to your mobile device by pressing a button and if it needs downloading, you’ll be able to do so from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Try before you ‘buy’

Even when an app is free, it always pays to check it out thoroughly first. Facebook App Center has screenshots and detailed descriptions and guides you through privacy settings too. Just clicking on it then activates it within your account.

Easy to navigate

Facebook App Center is broken down into categories such as News, Sports and Music with specific tabs for Mobile and Web. There’s also columns for Suggested Apps and Friends’ Apps as well as further tabs highlighting the Top Rated, Trending and Top Grossing.

Never miss a Request

If you’ve been sent a Request by a Facebook friend then there’s a dedicated area showing these. You can either decide to try it from their recommendation and connect with them on it or just click the X to delete the offer.

Have fun with the Games tab

Games are by far the most enjoyable area of the App Center and here you can get recommendations and understand at a glance which ones are the highest rated and most popular. The Friends’ section will show who from your gang is engaging with what.

See what you’ve been doing

A specific column presents the Recently Used Apps you’ve been enjoying or trying. This means you can instantly see what you are connected to and when it was last used. You can then be sure nothing rogue is happening with your account through apps you haven’t interacted with.

See what the whole Facebook World is doing

The specific Facebook Apps group lets you ask questions of other users and comment about apps you like and hate. You can also buy Facebook Gift Cards to enable downloads of paid-for apps. You’ll also see the latest posts from App Center itself with tips and tricks.

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