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10 People to Follow on Twitter

Whether you have some interest in the latest and growing technology, are thinking setting up an internet business or simply enjoy using gadgets, the quickest of way of getting the latest information today is via Twitter. The world’s top tech minds are on Twitter and below we bring you 10 people you may wish to follow to keep you updated on the latest technology news.

10 people to follow on Twitter

@jeffpulver:Jeff Keni Pulver is a self styled technology Anthropologist; Entrepreneur; Early-stage seed Investor; story teller, living in social media and producer of Jeff is the chairman and founder of and one of the pioneers of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology for making telephone calls over the internet and a leader in the emerging TV on the Net Industry. He draws a great deal of his technology knowledge and clever Tweets from over a decade of hands-on experience in internet/IP communications and innovation. He is an avid blogger and is well read within the IP Communications Industry and in High tech communications around the world.

@davemorin Dave Morin is the co-founder and CEO of Path; A Smartphone application. Path is the simple and private way to share life with close friends and family. The application is the brain child of former member of the Facebook team, Dave Morin. He is an entrepreneur who played several roles in product, marketing, strategy and management and helped expand Facebook’s ecosystem to over 500 million people worldwide. His Tweets are a great way to getting more information on the latest mobile phone apps.

@karaswisher: Kara Swisher is a columnist and founder of She is an excellent tweeter and one to follow if you want the latest perspective on news, analysis and opinion about the digital revolution. Kara covers digital issues for the Wall Street Journal and writes the BoomTown column about the technology sector.

@billgates: With over 2.5million followers, the founder of leading computer software company Microsoft, Bill Gates is certainly a good person to start following and be updated with the latest technology projects and charity work that he is carrying out.

@biz Co-founder of Twitter. As a user of Twitter who best to follow than one of the co-founders of this phenomenal service? Biz Stone is an American Entrepreneur and one of the founding members of Twitter. An avid user of social networking and blogging, Stone was named entrepreneur of the Decade by Inc Magazine and one of the most influential people in the world by TIME magazine. He is also an Associate Fellow at Oxford University.

@Padmasree: CTO of Cisco. Padmasree Warrior is the Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise, Commercial and Small Business at Cisco. She helps define Cisco’s technology strategy and drives innovation across the company. She leads a team of 10,000 engineers and is a great source of interesting tech tweets and often retweets her favourite tweets.

@mashable: Founder of, Pete Cashmore he is a top resource and a guide for all web related things and news. Based in New York and San Francisco, Pete is best known for breaking social media, tech, digital news and analysis from the website. The site is a great source for news on technology and web culture, with more than 40 million monthly pageviews. It offers a social media resources and guides and as a prolific Twitter user, Pete’s reports are a must follow for those interested in technology.

@Pogue: Tech columnist, NY Times; CNBC tech dude and Missing Manuals creator, David Pogue is a great source of technology information and casts an independent eye on the new products and services brought out by gadget companies worldwide. David’s is an award winning tech columnist and his Tweets provide an excellent source of information to other technology followers. Through his website, followers can also find every shred of information about the latest books and read his column and also be able to contact him directly.

@dannysullivan: Danny Sullivan is the editor of a website that covers online and online marketing. Google, Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click advertising and all aspects of search engines and search marketing are covered in depth. Danny is a search engine guru and writes about popular sites and is an avid tweeter and blogger of digital media and social media.

@SteveCase: Steve Case is co-founder of AOL, and is currently the Chairman of Case Foundation and Revolution, which includes Zipcar, LivingSocial, Exclusive Resorts, Everyday Health, Revolution Money and Miraval. Steve led the charge to make the internet an essential part of everyday life. Through AOL’s success the company then merged with Time Warner creating one of the world’s largest media, entertainment and communications companies.