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10 of the Best Photography Blogs

Whether you are an amateur photographer, Photoshop enthusiast or just love a good photograph some of the best blogs on the web are dedicated to photography.

Below we bring you 10 of the best photo blogs (in no particular order) that are packed with tips, tricks, advice and, obviously, great photographs.

10 of the Best Photography Blogs – As Editor and Publisher of Photoshop User Magazine and President of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), Scott Kelby is probably one of the best people on the planet to offer photographers insights into the world of Photoshop. Well worth checking out for any inside the industry style tips, information on Photoshop and some great photographs. – ‘A site dedicated to all photographers with the purpose of exposing you to cool and informative resources that could help make you a better photographer’ – this is the mantra Scott – owner of the blog – makes. The blog is a good mixture of the personal and professional: with good photos to browse. There is a regular reader’s competition to inspire your next photographic efforts, too. - DIY Photography: Learn all those tips and tricks the professionals keep for themselves with this interesting and informative blog. Find out how to take multiplicity photographs or perhaps learn how to capture lightning, or perhaps how to build a DIY mini-rail slider – the choice is yours! - Melissa Rodwell’s blog is for everyone. She welcomes everyone into her world: that of a Los Angeles fashion photographer with over 21 years experience! Fashion photography is a toughie for any aspiring photographer – but it could get easier after you’ve digested everything that this blog has to offer. As you would expect there are plenty of references to fashion as well as useful tips such as ‘How to Visualize the Shot Before you Shoot’. An interesting blog for anyone that enjoys photography, but who also wants an inside glimpse into the life of a fashion photographer. – This blog does what it says it does: covers photography, well. There are plenty of great product reviews and tips, a good digital camera buying guide, technique tips to try for yourself and a popular community section so you can discuss ideas with like minded photography enthusiasts. The photo gallery section offers some great tips for inspiration, too.

http://www.b? – This a blog dedicated to photography and improving your technique. Tips such as ‘How to Take Great Photos of Women,’ as well as advice on how to turn from a budding amateur to a professional photographer are great for anyone wanting to get serious about photography. There are also a number of video tutorials on the site that expands on this even further. – Amy Stein is a fine art photographer and teacher living in New York City and her blog is as much about the history of photography as about anything else. Interesting posts such as the one detailing a recent portrait of Salma Hayek by Cass Bird on the cover of the 2011 Women’s Spring Issue of the New York Times T Magazine and it’s comparison to an older classic photograph, Pyromaniac 2 are just some of the debates that get started up on the blog. The blog also features some classic photographs to stir your imagination. – If you like good photographs that cover everything from portraits to travel then you’ll be sure to love this insightful blog. Craig Tanner is a location advertising photographer and film maker. In his career as a landscape based advertising photographer Craig has produced stock and assignment photography for many clients including Kodak, Delta, Adobe, Arvida, Georgia Tourism, and the Jack Nicklaus Development Corporation. The photos are big and varied. Definitely a blog to check out when you are struggling for photographic inspiration! – They say a picture paints a thousand words – something the owner of this blog has definitely taken on board: words are few and far between! But that should not detract from the enjoyment you can take from the blog – especially if you like weddings and appreciate the special photography skills necessary to get that ‘just right’ wedding shot. – Photo District News Photo of the Day, as you would expect from the name – has a new photo every day. Images can range from fun at the fair to a soon-to-blow  volcano. Worth checking out for daily inspiration for sure. – Ever asked yourself questions like ‘does passion drive my photography?’ or ‘How to photograph a tasteful nude?’ if so then you’ll love this detailed blog. Pixiq is an online community where the world’s top professional photographers, bloggers, and technical experts can engage fellow image enthusiasts in a dynamic and ongoing way about all things photographic. – Ever wondered what it would be like to work for The National Geographic Magazine as a photographer? Or perhaps LIFE Magazine? Well, wonder no longer and check out Joe McNally’s blog: he has thirty years experience as a photographer and his thoughts, opinions and photographs make for a memorable journey.

Any photo blogs you know of that we left off the list? We’d love to read your own recommendations so please add them below so we can share with the community.