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10 of the best Apple iPhone 5 rumours doing the rounds

In just over 24 hours, Apple‘s latest mega-hit handset, the iPhone 5 is set to be unveiled to the world in San Francisco at a hotly-anticipated event.

But what will it be like and look like? With Apple fans across the globe awaiting news of its real features with baited breath, here are 10 of the best iPhone 5 rumours and expectations currently circling the internet.

A bigger screen?

There are no prizes for predicting this because with rivals such as Samsung and HTC already producing smartphones with larger displays than the iPhone 4S, Apple will need to keep pace.

The smart money seems to be on a four inch screen ensuring the iPhone 5 doesn’t feel as big to hold as the Galaxy S3 or One X but still gives users the bigger picture.

UK 4G compatibility?

With Everything Everywhere announcing this morning that it will be launching its 4G network in 16 UK cities by Christmas, it would be crazy to hear the iPhone 5 will not work with this LTE technology.

The previous launch of the iPad saw the 4G inside unable to work on British frequencies meaning Apple can’t ignore such a big market place this time when the UK finally has its first superfast network. Can it?

NFC contactless payment?

This rumour comes about every single year ahead of an iPhone launch but this time it could be true.

Apple’s new version of its mobile operating software iOS 6  is due to feature a wallet-style area called Passbook where owners can store tickets for gigs, flights and other travel. So having tap to pay and contactless entry for these tickets would make perfect sense.

A new charging connector?

Everyone’s been talking about this and so it must be true? Apple could be about to replace the dock connector that’s a very familiar part of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Many believe it’s because it would be too big for a new-style thinner iPhone. What it may mean is docking stations, speakers and the like will no longer work with the iPhone 5. Although surely someone will find a way around that with an adapter.

Faster processor and more RAM?

Rarely do you get a new phone launch without the insides being upgraded too. So while it’s hard to pinpoint the exact specs under the hood which Apple will announce, you can be sure it must be happening.

Better quality camera?

It’s hard to know where Apple could go with this. The iPhone 4S already has an eight megapixel snapper and 1080p HD video recording. But each iPhone launch has seen significant improvements to the photo quality produced so there’s bound to be an enhancement or two – possibly including the ability to shoot in 3D.

No Home button?

This is another often mentioned rumour but with a larger screen no doubt incoming, will there still be room for the traditional round Home button at the bottom end of the iPhone 5.

It would be quite a radical design departure but it would certainly get people talking.

New-style headphones?

A website in Vietnam has led many to believe Apple will finally redesign its headphones, which haven’t changed in years. A photo claiming to show them depicts flatter more curved ear-buds.

A quick release turnaround?

Apple rarely let the grass grow once they’ve made an announcement and it’s unlikely there will be a big time lag between the iPhone 5 being shown off and it actually hitting the streets. Don’t expect to wait longer than a fortnight but it could well come to stores by the end of next week.

No more numbers in the name?

When Apple dropped the 3 from the name of the iPad 3, instead just calling it the iPad, it surprised many.

So while dropping the 5 from the iPhone 5 would not be as much of a shock, it would still represent a big departure for the company from a brand so entrenched in consumers’ minds. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

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